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3 Techniques That Helped Me Earn $400 A Month

Hi, my name is Reginald and I am the founder of my self-named website, ReginaldChan.net. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Suresh for allowing me to post on his lovely blog!

In this article, I would share with you how I actually made my blog more profitable. All it takes are 3 simple steps but be warned; you need truck loads of devotion, patience and some analytic skills.

I hope that by the end of this write up, you will no longer be able to earn $50 or less per month. Instead, making hundreds and probably thousands monthly just from your blog.

girl with money - how to make $400 a month

Nonetheless, remember that this is just a tutorial and it is recommended that you take your time to build a better blog before you can even start making money out of it.

Before we get started, here is the screenshot of my earnings for the whole month:

  • Google Adsense – $0.54 (I don’t entirely focus on Adsense on my blog)
  • ShareASale (affiliate) – $354.86
  • HostGator (affiliate) – $50.00

All in all, I was lucky to make $ 405.40 for that month.

You probably have:

  • Read a dozen blogs on how to make money online
  • Placing Google Adsense banners on hot spots
  • Prayed hard to close some affiliate sales

Sadly, you came short and at most, earning less than $50 a month. Sounds familiar? So, what is wrong or should I say, “How do you actually make money from your blog?”

The secret recipe for earning more money from your blog

I would to break this down in several simple parts which are:

  • Understanding your audience
  • The selling process
  • How to close a sale

1. Understanding your audience

When you talk about blog monetization, you need blog traffic. Of course, you might have known or read about it by now. However, what I would want to stress here is that you need specific traffic and not just any type blog traffic.

Here are two rules which I follow closely:

Rule #1 – You won’t make any money if you don’t have blog traffic

Rule #2 – You won’t make any money if you are not giving your traffic information they need

Now, how do imply both the above rules into your blogging and your quest in making more money through your blog?

When it comes to monetizing your blog, you need to know who your readers are and why they are here for. A few bloggers had actually asked me how we can determine what the readers are actually looking for.

The answer is simple and it lies in Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool and Alexa.

Here’s a quick screenshot on Alexa for clearer understanding:

Seeing the info given by Alexa, you are able to determine the top keywords which are ‘pointing’ to your site. In other words, you are able to determine the type of topics which are popular on your site. Remember that those are the popular keywords or search queries that were input in the search column before they actually reach your site.

With the above information, you know exactly what your readers are looking for! Now, the next step is to leverage from this ‘opportunity’ which brings us to the second part of the tutorial.

2. What products or things you are going to sell?

Referring to the first part, you acquired the types of information that most of your readers are looking for on your site. So, how do you start monetizing from there?

Important fact: Most readers are looking for solutions and possibly, a recommendation to purchase the product(s). Trust me, buyers are always looking for recommendations on the web before they actually purchase the item.

Let us say that most of your readers are searching for building a WordPress website tip. The important rule here is NOT TO SELL … first.

Basically if you want to sell, you need to start giving out free advices or tips to attract others. I call this sales funnel. This is what I am talking about:

Search queries > Article #1 (tips and tricks) > Article #2 (solutions and recommendations) > [Optional] Article #3 (review)

Let me explain the above for you. Search query is when a visitor input the questions or keywords on search engines right before they land on your blog. This is where the first article on tips and tricks (or anything related to the matter) comes into play.

In this article #1, avoid doing any sales pitch as this might deter your potential visitors. In the middle or bottom of the article, place a link to the second article which offers solutions. This is very important as you need to make sure your first article connects perfectly well with the link you had shared.

To increase the chances of readers clicking the link, make sure you are using the correct Call-To-Action (CTA). A good CTA could easily mean bright colour arrows, bolded words and killer headlines.

Through my experience, getting visitors to the second part is rather easy if they are really interested and if you have good CTA. For me, bright colour arrows always do the trick for me.

The second article is where you need to control your sales pitch. This article must not be a squeeze page. Instead, allow the second article to be as simple as a blog post. In this part, feel free to share your solutions to the problem faced by your visitors and of course, you could even share your recommendations as well. If you are providing solutions or recommendations, make sure that you are giving good ones. Avoid giving fake solutions or recommendations just because you want to sell!

Once you have completed everything, head back to your first step and read the articles from the point of a visitor. Ask yourself if you would buy the product after reading the articles. During your ‘checking’, make sure you take the opportunity to update and correct the information on those posts to make them even better.

For me, I have an extra step which is the review page. One of my selling concepts is to sell products which I personally use only (except paid reviews). The reason behind this is simple; I want to provide first-hand experience using it and I want my reviews to really count.

When I do a product review, I wouldn’t want to share common information; information other bloggers are sharing and information written on the review must not be taken directly from the official website. It has to come from the heart and most importantly, your own personal experience.

Writing a review is all about being honest. Composing a review with the right words would almost guarantee you closing a sale.

You may skip this part if you wish but a review is a great way to convince ’undecided’ visitors on the products. Also, when you are doing a review, make sure you are doing a review as a product user yourself and not a seller.

3. Additional information on making money through blogging

When it comes to make money blogging, always avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. In other words, join various earning programs to increase the chances of making more money.

You need to make sure that those earning programs are legit and have a good track record. Here are a few you can start with:

  1. ShareASale
  2. DigiResults
  3. ClickBank
  4. Commission Junction
  5. Amazon
  6. Google Adsense
  7. Chitika

Personally, I would advise you not to use more than 5 earning platforms as maintaining all of them could be very time consuming.

When it comes to make money blogging, you need to ensure that you are really focused. In order to really close a sale, you need to be genuine and understand what your readers are looking for. If you can nail that part, you are going to close multiple sales.

Basically, make money from blogging is 30% luck and 70% psychology. If you are able to understand what your readers are doing or even provide a solution for their problems, you are going to make it further than you can ever imagine. To be a good seller, make sure that you are always standing from the viewpoint of an end-user.

Also, remember that some advertisements such as Google Adsense and Chitika run of algorithms and this means that there could be a possibility that the wrong banners get shown to the wrong readers.

So, no frust on that! It happens J

Over to you

What do you think of this? I really hope you enjoyed this article as much as I do and if you want to learn more tips and tricks, remember to sign up for the newsletter right below this post. Also, feel free to comment and share with us your information (or feedback) in regards to this topic!

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Image courtesy of Stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

by Reginald Chan

My name is Reginald and I am the founder of ReginaldChan.net. A passionate blogger who writes about content marketing, SEO and social media. Reginald spends his free time with blogging, consulting SEO and tweaking WordPress.

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  1. Joining different affiliate network and monetizing a post is two important factor to increase earning. Could you please explain how to draw more traffic to a website, as traffic=earning, that too organic. Thanks
    Abhishek recently posted…How Market Share And Use Of Cell Phones Is Increasing: InfographicMy Profile

    1. Hi Abhishek,

      Thanks for commenting!

      There are many ways you can drive traffic to your website. I focus highly on social media traffic. Organic traffic can easily be achieve if you are focusing on very low competition keywords.

      The basic is always the same.
      1. Know what your readers are looking for (using Webmaster Tool and GA)
      2. Using Google Keyword Planner to find low competition keywords
      3. Get more social shares.

      If you have a high PR blog, you can always go for higher competition keywords. Make sense? :)

      Have a great day ahead!

  2. Hi Reginald,

    First of all, I want to thank you for sharing your smart monetizing techniques. Your ‘sales funnel’ impressed me a lot.

    In the end, as you said, making money online is 30% luck and 70% psychology! If you manage to make the potential buyer feel ‘at home’ on your blog and provide him what he needs, you’ll do good business!

    Thanks for sharing these strategies!


    1. Hi Arun,

      Thanks for commenting. Sales funnel is never easy but it worth the shot. I have experienced in customer service and sales force for over 8 years (day job) and thus, I use that in blogging.

      Making a sale is never easy. You get 1 out of 100 visits and on some days, none at all. Most important is to ensure that you are providing good service and making sure the guys come back for more.

      Build trust first above everything. The rest will follow.

      Good luck.
      Reginald recently posted…Generate Lead And Email Contact List Using Lead ConverterMy Profile

  3. Great tips bro. Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money if we adopt it in right way. Thanks for sharing such a great article. Adsense is the good only for startup of any marketing blog but later we’ve to adopt affiliate marketing, CPA finally to generate a good cash.
    Yogendra Sharma recently posted…Godaddy Renewal Coupon Code – Domain & Hosting Renewals 35% OffMy Profile

    1. Hi Yogendra,

      Affiliate is always a good way to make money but you need volume (traffic) to really make the cut. If you have a good audience, you can probably make thousands of dollars. It always start with $10 etc. From then, you build your way.

      You also need to know if your visitors are spenders. Spenders usually don’t mind about money while stingy ones (like me) usually think twice. Haha!
      Reginald recently posted…How To Optimize Website With On Page And Off Page SEO?My Profile

  4. Hey Reginald !
    Great tips !
    So, you make most of your money with affiliate marketing. I’ve just started Affiliate marketing using amazon. Hope it mints me some :)
    Anyway I loved your tips very much and will further try those tips and thanks for sharing your tips :)
    Keep writing and I’ ll keep reading :)
    Sourav recently posted…Five proven effective methods to overcome Writer’s blockMy Profile

    1. Hi Sourav,

      Thanks for commenting. Amazon is a good source if you are targeting the right products. Glad you find the tips useful and of course, feel free to hit me up if you need any help.

      Have a blessed weekend.
      Reginald recently posted…8 Essential Website Optimization Techniques That Makes Google HappyMy Profile

  5. Hello Reginald Chan, Its good to be here at your guest post today. Read your post & I think you have shared all that there is to share about this topic. You have shared nice ways to attract earn from affiliate marketing. Now try to implement as you suggest here. Thanks for share.

    1. Hi Gautam,

      Thank you for your kind words. Well, affiliate marketing (for me) is always about luck. If we are lucky, we will strike the gold mine. Fingers crossed :)
      Reginald recently posted…How To Optimize Website With On Page And Off Page SEO?My Profile

  6. Nice Post Bro

    awesome techniques bro to earn money .Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money ..
    This 3 techniques will helpful for me to earn money more thanks bro sharing wonderful post ..
    chaudharianil recently posted…best secrets tips windows 8My Profile

    1. Hey Chaudharianil,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Affiliate marketing is always a 50-50 game. You might make more money through Adsense if your niche is right. Personally, it all boils down to your niche and luck!

      Well, at least that’s what I think and experience :) Find ways to monetize your blog and not always following others. Improvise and you will succeed.

      Good luck.
      Reginald recently posted…4 SEO Tips That Could Make Or Break Your SEO Campaigns In 2014My Profile

  7. Hi Regi,

    Nice to see you in Bivori :)

    Thanks for sharing your experience and secrets of making money with us, thanks!

    Currently, i monetized my blog with Adsense and the earning is quite good with organic traffic. I want to increase more and I know the way to do so. Yes, giving solutions/answers for the search of people and doing KW research, will do that.

    But, I have zero knowledge in AM, wanna implement it. Can you explain about ShareAsale or just write it as a blog post in your blog. Hope it would help many bloggers like me.
    Nirmala recently posted…Dosplash – A lively blogging communityMy Profile

    1. Hi Nirmala,

      Thanks for commenting! Oh yes, why not? I will get it up as a blog post and why not? Haha! Anything for you, old friend :)

      Of course, hit me up if you want to know more (in advance)!

      Have a great weekend~
      Reginald recently posted…How To Find High PageRank Sites Using ScrapeBox?My Profile

      1. Thanks for your reply Regi :)
        Nope, nothing urgent. Will wait for post to read.
        Am pleased with your reply and am feeling good that I’ve hit your FB PM many times and got precise answers for my queries.
        Many thanks for your guidance and support friend :)
        Nirmala recently posted…Guidelines To Make Money From Online Tutoring JobsMy Profile

  8. Hi Reginald,
    Informative guide, you have explained the real meaning of affiliate marketing in this article. Traffic plays vital role in monetization of your blog. Do keyword research,Write high quality and informative content, Build backlinks. When you are able to drive maximum traffic towards your blog, then start promote affiliate products.
    I am going to apply your strategies in order to get maximum profit from affiliate marketing.
    Aqib Shahzad recently posted…How to Get Easy Money Online without any InvestmentMy Profile

    1. Hi Aqib,

      Thanks for commenting. Well, affiliate marketing is a crazy industry. Only the strong and cunning will survive (frankly speaking). However, always have some etiquette (I know majority of bloggers just focus in making money) and you will grow your traffic.

      Hope you find this useful and thanks for dropping by!
      Reginald recently posted…8 Essential Website Optimization Techniques That Makes Google HappyMy Profile

  9. Practical breakdown Reginald!

    Knowing your audience and their needs is huge. Then you can offer/sell a product which fits their needs and make sales. Lead with value of course through your helpful blog posts.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hey Ryan,

      Thanks for dropping by. Haha! Yes, you are right. It is important to know the proper techniques. Well, it is tough to build them but certainly rewarding. Most of my AM and IM posts generate me income after 3-6 months. LOL~

      Better than nothing right? Have a great weekend :D
      Reginald recently posted…How I Accidentally Increased Google+ Traffic By Over 700%My Profile

  10. Hi Reginald,
    This is the wonderful post. You have revealed the secrets of earning handsome money. Specially 3 articles strategy is awesome!
    Also glad to see that your major source of income is ShareASale. Thanks and keep posting.
    Sagar Desai recently posted…List Of Most Interactive CommentLuv Blogs To Get Free BacklinksMy Profile

    1. Hi Sagar,

      Yes, ShareASale been good because I am a heavy supporter of Genesis and a few more. However, I do monetize other sites too but not that much. ShareASale is good and if you need any help, hit me up.

      Will try my best to help~
      Reginald recently posted…4 SEO Tips That Could Make Or Break Your SEO Campaigns In 2014My Profile

  11. Hi Reginald, wonderful article dude.

    As you mentioned, first of all we should give enough information’s to readers before selling a products, so they ask a query that could you help me buying it? or read the review article and buy from it.

    You’ve done your part and wish you get more success in upcoming months.
    Naveen recently posted…How Guest Blogging Helps Businesses Find Targeted CustomersMy Profile

    1. Hi Naveen,

      Thanks for dropping by. Certainly hope to build more income but of course, need to build my fan list first. Lot’s of work to do ahead of me (plus lack of time).

      When it comes to IM/AM, all you need to do is to ‘answer’ your visitor’s question and you should be rewarded :)

      Hope you liked it and of course, please hit the share button too!
      Reginald recently posted…Complete Migration Guide To WP Engine Managed WordPress HostingMy Profile

  12. Hi Reginald Chan
    This is another Good post from you here in bivori. Thank you for sharing it and your earnings amount in a months here in bivori. It’s a Good amount of money for a month from your 4 months old blog. Am i right 4 months of this reginaldchan blog age ? I think i am right.

    Love your tips, We all should take time for making readers or clients properly understandable for a product or other things which you are going to work with them. Without it It’s too difficult to sell. People will interest in you, if you show them the best of this product which you are selling. Here in blogging and online earning world so competitive, Readers may buy from others persons because they got valuable something or great solution from Others blogger person and that’s why they want to buy from them.

    Thank you so much reginald. You have a lot experience.
    Moryom begum recently posted…8 Skills you must have to need make money via bloggingMy Profile

    1. Hey Moryom,

      Well, I just consider myself lucky. Seriously! Currently 5+ plus and slowly building my blog. I am actually focused alot in traffic as with traffic, money will come by itself. Of course, the rule applies differently to niche sites.

      I learned a lot from this new blog I started as it is never too wise to focus too much. I mean, don’t put high hope but always try your best. Let the traffic flow by itself and that’s how it is suppose to work :)

      Hope you like the writing and share it as well. Have a blessed weekend!
      Reginald recently posted…How To Optimize Website With On Page And Off Page SEO?My Profile

  13. Hi Chan. Yes I call him Chan and I officially asked him to do so…well jokes apart but thanks for the advice. Specially I like to knowing our readers. By this we can surely close some sale. In terms of affiliate marketing people only believe you if you have proved it and ultimately they believe in the product that you are selling. Thanks for wornderful write up.
    Sanket Patil recently posted…Most Safest Link Building Tactics to Get Quality Backlinks FreeMy Profile

    1. Hi Sanket,

      Haha you are too kind mate. I don’t really mind and even my real life friends call me Regi. No problem at all :)

      You are most welcome and good luck!
      Reginald recently posted…How To Display Related Posts Without A Plugin In Genesis FrameworkMy Profile

  14. Really useful post, Reginald.
    Affiliate marketing (automated) is one of the ways to make money online I like more.
    You pointed some very interesting tips to achieve that.

    Thnaks for sharing!
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…List Of Most Interactive CommentLuv Blogs To Get Free BacklinksMy Profile

    1. Hi Erik,

      Thanks for dropping by. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you are definitely one of the best I ever came across. I have to look up at you alot! Haha~

      Thanks mate~
      Reginald recently posted…Generate Lead And Email Contact List Using Lead ConverterMy Profile

  15. Hello Reginald glad to see you here,

    Yes you are right affiliate marketing is really awesome method to earn great income in short time but we need to understand our audience in order make them into buyers.

    All the mentioned tips are really helpful.


  16. This is quite an interesting resource and one of the best i have read do far and as much as i am earning more well via adsense, i won’t mind doubling it with affiliate marketing and just as you said traffic is the secret of making money online. I will continue to improve my site and traffic and apply all you have shared here and see how it goes.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Why do I rank higher on Bing than Google?My Profile

  17. Hi Reginald,

    Here I first ever seen blogger how pays more attention on affiliate marketing rather than Google Adsense. Most of newbie enters because of Google Adsense to earn more. But Affiliate marketing is the one of the genuine way to earn money online. Really thankful because all techniques are practical and proved by you.
    Nikhil recently posted…MPSC 2014 Schedule Time Table Exam DateMy Profile

    1. Hi Vicky,

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, the real deal is knowing your readers. Answer questions and get rewarded :) Affiliate marketing is all about understanding your readers and when you do so, money will come in bit by bit.

      It takes time though :)
      Reginald recently posted…How To Configure CloudFlare Page Rules?My Profile

      1. Hello Reginald,

        My name is Nicky or Nikhil not a Vicky..

        Yes, in starting days affiliate marketing takes more time than other monetizing method. But money will come bit by bit… :)
        Thanks for quick reply.
        Nikhil recently posted…Join Indian NavyMy Profile

  18. Very interesting post I must remark. The basics of affiliate marketing have been expounded indirectly on this post. I also like the fact that you provided a caveat from the beginning that:

    All it takes are 3 simple steps but be warned; you need truck loads of devotion, patience and some analytic skills

    This comment was left in the content syndication website for Internet marketers – kingged.com where this post was found.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    1. Hi Sunday,

      Hey man! Thanks for dropping by. Haha I love to give ‘disclaimer’ thanks to my long write ups. At least, readers know what to expect. I believe make money blogging (so called) is always underrated.

      Just because A, B and C makes money, it doesn’t mean that you can do so too! It just takes some patience and lots of devotion to make it work.
      Reginald recently posted…How To Find High PageRank Sites Using ScrapeBox?My Profile

  19. Good to see you here mate,

    Wow! 400 bucks is gonna buy me a nice car….. lol. Oh! That reminds me of when you were guiding me through shareasale, I owe you one for that.

    Btw, I’m sitting on the first spot with keyword “seopressor” and “killer seo strategy” (also reflected on alexa) both keyword leads to my post on seopressor review, this mens if someone is hesitant and want to know more about seopress then my blog is the first to welcome him and if he desides to buy….boom! That’s a nice wink from clickbank ;)

    Thanks for the tip man, you rock!
    Btw, that wasn’t for you :)

    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…Black Friday WordPress Hot Deals for 2013My Profile

    1. Hey Gilbert,

      Haha thanks for commenting! Been wanting to write for Suresh for a long time but lack of time. Finally, found something that will be pretty explosive on his site. Pretty sure I won’t be sharing this for a long time. Haha!

      I noticed when you are ‘promoting’ a product that cost more than $20, you need more than just words. There’s why I created the ‘sales funnel’ to get it work. Of course, that’s a little of marketing funnel which I converted into sales form. Heh~

      Nonetheless, hope you find this useful mate~ And of course, you are most welcome for that!
      Reginald recently posted…WP Engine vs Synthesis Hosting – Best Managed WordPress HostingMy Profile

  20. Hello,

    I want to ask one important question. Should we use affiliate links with nofollow tag? If we are using affiliate links in blog posts then will we lose blog rankings.
    Gagan Masoun recently posted…Hummingbird – Learn How It Will Be Beneficial For BloggerMy Profile

    1. Hi Gagan,

      Hmm, I have automatically nofollow on affiliate links (using Thirsty Affiliate plugin). Personally, the dofollow and nofollow is a long discussion. I don’t really bother much on it. DoFollow if you want. Moreover, you are not promoting more than 5 products on one page right?

      Personally, it depends on your blog length. I personally (habit) write over 1k words per blog post. So having 5 affiliate links with DoFollow is definitely fine for me. However, if you write anything lower, reduce them or use NoFollow.

      Make sure the NoFollow doesn’t affect your affiliate sales as I know some sales program doesn’t allow NoFollow.

      Hope this helps!
      Reginald recently posted…Complete Migration Guide To WP Engine Managed WordPress HostingMy Profile

  21. Reginald, i must admit that you are doing great with your blog, i have learn new stuffs on your write up and am going to apply them to my blog to see the impact. i never always pay attention to alexa and its features.
    frank joseph recently posted…Niche Site Challenge: Building a Niche Site From Scratch (part 2)My Profile

    1. Hi Frank,

      Thanks for your kind words. Well, earning is all luck. Haha! Alexa is okay and ranking is just crap (highly controllable). My main concern is always the analytics and when you know what your readers are looking for, you know where to start looking (and selling in this case).

      Hope this helps mate.
      Reginald recently posted…How To Optimize Website With On Page And Off Page SEO?My Profile

  22. Luckily, the post is a timely solution to bloggers who are exerting their time and effort but still have no luck when it comes to their earnings.

    The posts share the secret recipe on how to earn more money from the blog.

    This is quite simple but requires intelligent efforts to do it.

    Understanding your audience
    The selling process
    How to close a sale

    Hope everyone could be more successful when they got across with this post.
    Thanks for this post!

    Kingged.com was able to share this post that is why I happen to read this.
    Thanks for the 3 recipes.

    1. Hi Annalyn,

      Thanks for commenting! Yes you are right. It sounds so simple right? But it certainly takes a lot of time to get it working :)

      I certainly hope you (and other readers) find this useful. Of course, feel free to drop me a line if you need any help, Don’t forget to share this as well!
      Reginald recently posted…How To Configure CloudFlare Page Rules?My Profile

  23. Hey Chan
    I do agree that a product review should be given from our experience the same matter should not be listed and do that methods you have mentioned really great which we should give the readers what they want based on the search queries.Google analytics which have an good feature of site search it can help us to figure out what people search in our blog and alexa also can help us to figure out the search term.
    Shameem recently posted…Things To Know About Olx.in If You Have Something To Sell Or BuyMy Profile

    1. Hi Shameem,

      Thanks for dropping by. Hope you find this article and tutorial useful. When it comes to reviews, it is always best if you can provide really good detail, adding videos and even images. The more, the merrier :)

      Just don’t put on your selling cap but take time to understand your audience! That’s vital.
      Reginald recently posted…How To Find High PageRank Sites Using ScrapeBox?My Profile

  24. hi reginald. this post confirms that affiliate sales can be one of the biggest source of income (in addition to freelance writing). indeed, readers today deter anything that looks like a sales pitch to them.. they also have some doubts about word “review”

    thanks for sharing this info and keep posting

    1. Hi Marilyn,

      Thanks for commenting. When it comes to monetizing, there are probably a dozen methods you can make a living. Just need to pin point and focus on the right one. My concept is the same; don’t follow others but create your own route.

      That is the best. Good luck!
      Reginald recently posted…WP Engine vs Synthesis Hosting – Best Managed WordPress HostingMy Profile

  25. Hi Regi,

    Interesting post. Google Adsense is the main source of income for me from my blog classiblogger.com. Am also earning money through affiliate marketing, while compared to affiliate marketing, i am earning more from contextual ads. The main reason behind this is, am not focusing more in affiliate marketing.
    By reading your post, i decided to concentrate on affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing this regi.
    Raaja Anandhan recently posted…How to get more traffic to your site with paid traffic sources?My Profile

    1. Hi Raaja,

      Thanks for dropping by. Google Adsense is good if you have a lot of traffic and high target niche. However, in my niche, there is not much room to earn a lot from it. Not to forget, using those Adsense banners also slow down my site a lot!

      So, yup. I am happy with affiliate marketing. Drop me a line if you need any help.
      Reginald recently posted…Complete Migration Guide To WP Engine Managed WordPress HostingMy Profile

  26. Hello Reginald,

    Nice to see you on Bivori. Great article bro. You are going really awesome with these techniques. At present, I am not making any money from my blog; but this is a wonderful guide which is very helpful for newbie marketers. I totally agree with the concept of no traffic, no money. And yeah, thanks for the good list of earning programs. Keep sharing bro :-)

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta
    Ganesh Narayan Gupta recently posted…Best Cyber Monday Deals for HostingMy Profile

    1. Hi Ganesh,

      Actually this came by accident. I wasn’t even thinking of monetizing my site until I was doing 1 sale per week. Was really surprised then!

      Slowly, I started here and there and hey, I was earning a lot from it. Enough to pay for my premium plugins, hostings and some saving which are great.

      So, yes! Interesting and accidentally came across this industry. Haha!
      Reginald recently posted…How To Optimize Website With On Page And Off Page SEO?My Profile

  27. I am so glad to read your interesting topics and authentic information. I am new to the community so I will need to catch up. I have never really belonged to this type of community. I am looking forward to it. I think you are absolutely right in your points . Thanks for sharing this.
    Alysha recently posted…Jose Eber Curling IronMy Profile

    1. Hi Alysha,

      Thanks for commenting. Make money online is definitely tough and it counts highly on luck. One of the biggest issue I face is that we can’t really guarantee there would be a sale made. All we can do is to create the ‘path’ and fingers crossed, we would be able to earn some money through it.

      Good luck!
      Reginald recently posted…Long Tail Pro Review, Features And $30 Discount CodeMy Profile

  28. You’re absolutely right. First and foremost thing is understanding who’re your readers and what they’re looking for. We can use poll widget for getting some information. Recently i have collected some information about my readers and hope they will be very useful.
    chamal recently posted…Top 10 Responsive Premium Blogger TemplatesMy Profile

    1. Hi Chamal,

      Oh yes, polling is a great way to get information. Of course, don’t forget about hotspots tools like crazyegg etc. They provide good detail too on what you need to improve.

      Thanks for commenting mate!
      Reginald recently posted…Boost Organic Search Engine Optimization Using HitTailMy Profile

  29. Hi Reginald.

    Your earnings, when I saw them, were very impressive. I thought there would be harder techniques, but those ways to help you earn money were very basic, and obviously effective. Thanks for posting.
    Spencer recently posted…Virtual Credit Card? What To Look Out For…My Profile

    1. Hi Spencer,

      Actually these are very easy techniques. However, as easy as it may sound, it takes A LOT of time to get it done and it doesn’t guarantees you 100% success.

      You just need to be patience and you should be absolutely fine.

      Hope this helps!
      Reginald recently posted…3 Must Have (Free and Premium) Content Delivery Network Providers For BloggersMy Profile

  30. Reginald Chan is the one who inspires me a lot..Somedays I talk with him on facebook but still want to learn somethings more from him very soon..Reginald you just rock….
    Mohit recently posted…Oppo N1 Superb Android Smartphone Going To Launch on 10th December At $599My Profile

    1. Hey Mohit,

      Thank you for your kind words. Haha I am just lucky and don’t give up. At times, I hardly make the cut for the month (highly affected by economy in US) but it happens.

      Most importantly, you are providing quality things to your readers and not just not selling.

      Hope this helps!
      Reginald recently posted…Gmail Disables Display All Images Feature And How It Can Benefits Marketers?My Profile

  31. I was very close to believing that this whole earn big money from blogs, (more than 0.02$ per click programs ) is just a myth, but then i see posts like this one almost everywhere, and so if allot of people are reporting the same thing must be some truth to it.
    or maybe my experience with this approach has just been unlucky so far.
    Dear Reginald, could you please help recommending a good program to try for a “CV/jobs/career” website ??
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
    Mitch recently posted…Easily Create World Class Resume/CV On Yourcvbuilder In Less Than 5 MinutesMy Profile

    1. Hi Mitch,

      For me, I am just got greedy and decided not to focus too much on those ad clicks. They give me pennies in my niche. Haha!

      I wish could recommend you on that but those are out of my expertise. I would consider Commission Junction for a start. Try check on that.

      Reginald recently posted…Boost Organic Search Engine Optimization Using HitTailMy Profile

  32. Hi,
    Great Article, It is difficult to sell the link product as sometime your product didn’t sell.
    I am also trying do this after reading this article. Hope I can make something for it.
    Thanks for sharing this information

    1. Hi Aditya,

      Well, yes you are right and that’s why I don’t sell products I don’t use unless it is paid review. Even with paid review, I try my best to get some ‘trial reviews’ before publishing.

      Most of the time, what you see if not what you’ll get ;) If you get what I mean!
      Reginald recently posted…Long Tail Pro Review, Features And $30 Discount CodeMy Profile

  33. Really Very Helpful Post and i really like this and i am enjoy reading this post and really big seals your get via this tips.. i follow it but when i have huge traffic to my blog..
    Harsh recently posted…8 Killer Tips To Reduce Your Blog Load TimeMy Profile

    1. Hi Harsh,

      Actually mate, you don’t need a lot of traffic to your blog. If you are focusing on very specific traffic, you are going to make a kill. For example, I could easily go with 300 traffic a day and still make an affiliate sales.

      The moral of the story is you need good traffic and not just normal traffic. Good traffic means people who are looking for solution and not just the hi-bye type.
      Reginald recently posted…Boost Organic Search Engine Optimization Using HitTailMy Profile

  34. Hey Reggy, it’s good to see you here on Sir Suresh’s great blog!

    What a fantastic post to share…I’m so sad I came late. I saw it before but as I was gonna publish my take some hassles happened with my network.

    You shared awesome tips in which I really resonated with and one that I would be using soon.

    Thanks for the share boss!

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…I Bet You Don’t Have A PURPOSE in LIFE! Do You?My Profile

    1. Hi Sam,

      Better late than never my friend. We are all tied up with life and work. Who doesn’t right?

      Hope this answers your question (the one you had on Facebook) and drop me a line if you need any advise.

      Of course, the most important part is understanding your traffic.
      Reginald recently posted…Boost Organic Search Engine Optimization Using HitTailMy Profile

  35. Looks like Share-A-Sale really did it for you. I used to make most my money from blogging through ads of companies who contacted me and asked if they could place their ads on my blog which eventually led the way to a company buying my blog from me.

    1. Hi Apollo,

      Great to hear that mate! Once you have decent traffic, you can start searching for advertisers to place ads on your blog.

      Thanks for your experience!
      Reginald recently posted…12 Comparisons To Help You Decide Between AWeber and GetResponseMy Profile

  36. Good advices, I especially liked your tips on how to entice potential buyers by giving out information and solutions instead of hard selling it to them. I know that I would back off quickly too if somebody hard sells to me as well.

    Thank you for this good article.
    Fauzul recently posted…Amazing Discounts For HTML5 Video Courses At UdemyMy Profile

    1. Hi Fauzul,

      Thanks for commenting. I feel the most important it not to be a pushy sales person. Make it as natural as possible and you should be just fine.

      Of course, test out different options and you may make more money than you can ever imagine.

      Good luck!
      Reginald recently posted…Boost Organic Search Engine Optimization Using HitTailMy Profile

  37. Another great post Reginald!

    I think you covered the subject very well. Oddly I see some bloggers that complain they don’t make money, yet they promote next to nothing on their site. Sure don’t make sense.

    Also think it’s great you share your income stats, sure to inspire folks and show them it is very possible and not as difficult as they might think.
    Ron Killian recently posted…4 Proven Hotspots to Sell Your Info ProductsMy Profile

    1. Hi Ron,

      Glad to see you here mate. Oh yes, I personally feel that bloggers are just hoping too much when it comes to make money blogging.

      Don’t forget, choosing the right platform, products and the style of convincing is important to make a sale. You don’t have to promote 101 products but just focus on those few which is very related.

      Thanks for reading mate.
      Reginald recently posted…3 Must Have (Free and Premium) Content Delivery Network Providers For BloggersMy Profile

  38. Affiliated links brings more earnings !!! but you don’t deserve adsense which means a blogger can see good earning out from adsense. I thought adsense is the only way to get good earnings
    Dilip Win recently posted…How to Make Video as Desktop backgroundMy Profile

    1. Hi Dilip,

      It really depends on the niche you are in. You can make money with affiliate marketing, adsense etc. Basically, no problem at all if you know what you are doing.

      Just need to focus in building a good platform before you can actually start seeing the money rolling in.

      Good luck!
      Reginald recently posted…Gmail Disables Display All Images Feature And How It Can Benefits Marketers?My Profile


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