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Challenges of Blogging and How to Overcome

Every blogger remembers the excitement of publishing his first article, wow! Many will definitely wish the feelings remains for very long, not long before we all started facing challenges in our new found hubby or career – blogging.

Blogging could be fun if you make it, there will definitely be challenges but how you handle them determines the level of fun you have with your blogging quest. I wake up every day knowing I have blogging challenges to face, so I make up my mind before going to sleep the previous night that no matter how heinous it is I will pull through and have fun with what am doing, because I love blogging.

It’s common to see bloggers facing these challenges every day, so today I have decided to share my secret so you can find the love you began blogging with at first. Statistics shows that many blogs get abandoned in a few months after its first publication; I have abandoned a blog in the past because I couldn’t cope with some challenges of blogging.

Challenges of Blogging & How to overcome them:

challenges of blogging and how to overcome

Choosing on a Niche

Choosing the right niche is the first challenge most bloggers encounter, most bloggers end up choosing the wrong niches for themselves and get frustrated easily and then abandon their blog. When you chose a wrong niche for yourself be sure you are going to face problems handling it effectively.

So to avoid such challenge, ensure to only chose a niche you are passionate about, one you are an authority in, don’t chose a niche because you think you can handle it, or because it will be profitable. Blogging is all about what you love, chose what you love doing and that way you will always love blogging and face less challenges of blogging.

Coming up with Quality Content always

Almost every blogger faces this challenge, you can only excel in blogging if the quality of your content is good enough to bring your audience back every day. Someone asked me how do you always come up with such quality content on your blog and I simply replied because I know the taste of quality.

Two bloggers could write same article and one will have a better quality that the other, so it’s not necessarily all about the topic or niche, it’s about how you write it. It’s about how you approach the topic and the information you have at hand, so to avoid such challenge you have to read widely, you have to research properly before writing, read other people’s views and add your own idea to it, write your contents with your own voice, add human touch to it bearing in mind your audience are humans.


Among all the challenges of blogging this is the one that can adversely affect your blog directly. Traffic is the life blood of your blog and when you can’t get enough people to come and read your contents, you have already failed as a blogger. Without traffic you can’t earn money with your blog.

A lot have been written about traffic and how to drive traffic to your blog. You have to diversify your method of traffic generation. Try different things, if what you are doing now does not change the traffic situation of your blog then try something else. I have personally shared my traffic generation secrets on my blog.

Making money with your Blog

Most bloggers started blogging for the money but most have learnt one lesson, making money with blogging is not as easy as thought. To make money with your blog, you have to maintain a high quality of content and traffic. Without traffic like I said earlier you can’t earn money with your blog.

Blogging is not a make-money-quick scheme; it requires skills and most importantly patience. It took me over three months to earn my first $100. Making money with your blog is a challenge most bloggers are facing. There may be good reasons why you are not making money with your blog; it may be because your blog sucks, or your monetization model is not suitable for your type of blog or niche, it could be because you are lazy to improve your blog, or because you are very impatient to make money with your blog etc.

So if you want to make money with your blog, you have to first find what the problem is and analyze it very well, seek solution from other bloggers, find out what works for them, try it on your blog until you find the one that best work for you.

Time Management

Blogging is like a new wife that requires all your attention every minute of the day, time management is one of the challenges of blogging that has killed more blogs than any other challenge I have listed here. Blogging requires your time to succeed in a way, but in another way it does not. I will explain, as a blogger you need time to research and write, you need time to promote your blog and it always seem like there is no time for all these.

That is because most bloggers do not prioritize their tasks, time management is very essential if you are to succeed as a blogger, you have to learn how to handle blogging and still have ample amount of time to live your life, relate with your family and socialize with your friends.

Let me share my little secret with you, I have a timetable for everything I do, I have a time to write, I have a time to promote my blog, I have a time to socialize on Facebook, I even have a time to play my online football manager. I still hang out with my friends and relate with my family. I manage my time very well by scheduling my posts, using automated tools to handle everyday tasks etc. Doing the right thing at the right time saves you time, do use time you should’ve used to promote your blog to watch movies and expect to squeeze out time later for it.

Search Engine Optimization

Truth be told, most bloggers don’t know the first thing about SEO, I visit so many blogs and see how flawed they are when it comes to SEO. A poorly optimized site cannot do well in search engines and will suffer when it comes to traffic and can’t earn money. You see how these challenges of blogging are related to one another?

You have to learn the basics of search engine optimization. Don’t assume to know it all, take out some time and learn what SEO is all about and apply them on your blog and see instant improvement.  Don’t go complaining your posts do not rank high on Google when your contents are poorly optimized.

I have published a series on my blog called “Beginner’s Guide to Blogging” You should check it out. I have published 4 episodes so far, covering how to build a blog, content creation, Search engine optimization and web promotion.

I hope you find this article informative, if you have any contributions please use the comment below. I will be very glad to hear your thoughts about this post.

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by Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond

Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond is a blogger and owns Netmediablog, a Technological blog designed to provide you with Technological solutions and the latest Technological Tutorials in Computers, Internet, Mobile, Blogging Tips and Social Media. He is also a blog developer/web designer and Data Analyst.

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  1. Great article Desmond,am currently on a crossroad between time management and quiting blogging due to my recent schedule.I will definitely give it up if all other options am considering fails,but first i will have to check out your article on time management first
    Ige Ebima recently posted…Blog Promotion: List of Active Google+ Communities for blog blog promotionMy Profile

    1. Ebima if you manage your time very well you won’t have to quit blogging because blogging is fun. You must not publish every day, you can schedule three posts during the weekends in a 2 days interval and use the limited time you have within the week to promote your site.

  2. Hi Nwosu,

    Good tips!

    Be passionate about your niche. Now I feel a little low energy but in the background I am writing a self-help themed post. I love this stuff and feedback from you, and Sriram, and others, confirms that I am doing the right thing.

    I feel passionate about inspiring others so I will push myself to write it.

    Not feeling passionate about your niche leads to struggle and failure.

    Not exactly the way to succeed, right?

    Great share man!

    1. Ryan this is where most bloggers start failing, if you dive int a niche you don’t know much about, you will get frustrated quickly. So choosing the right niche can make blogging fun. Thanks for your contribution.

  3. Very apt and timely post, Nwosu. You have addressed concerns and issues(challenges as you put it) that are definitely faced by bloggers these days. I mean, different bloggers face different kinds of challenges, and you’ve actually pinpointed the most popular ones.

    You have also gave quite practical tips on how to overcome and solve them. A post to recommend, definitely!

    By the way, I’ve shared this comment on the IM social networking and content aggregator site, Kingged.com, where this post has also been shared.

    1. Bloggers are often faced with different challenges and most failed projects has been as a result of inadequate information on how to overcome such challenges. Thanks for your contribution.
      Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Time to turn to Two-factor AuthenticationMy Profile

  4. Hi Nwosu

    It is good for people to know the potential pitfalls before they start blogging so they can prepare themselves for them and recognise them when they happen. I am now off to read your blog post on traffic as that is my main focus area right now. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
    Paul Healey recently posted…How to design a front cover for your free eBookMy Profile

    1. That is what most blogs don’t teach and this newbies come into blogging with high expectations and once faced with challenges get frustrated easily and abandon their blogs. So we need to prepare them for what lies ahead, that’s what we do here @Bivori.
      Nwosu Desmond recently posted…How to Boot Windows 8.1 directly to desktopMy Profile

  5. Indeed, I find this post very informative and useful to bloggers. The challenge of traffic is obviously of major concern to many bloggers but things like poor contents and bad SEO affects the level of traffic a blog generates.

    I am happy these have been revisited in this post and I hope most bloggers would make the most from these.

    In addition, the changes of Google algorithms is a challenge to many bloggers and it is important to deal with this by complying to all updates on building quality real links.

    In the Internet marketing news aggregator and social bookmarking site – kingged.com, the above comment and post were shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    1. How to properly optimize a post and drive quality traffic via search engine is one of the major challenges of bloggers and overcoming it will help your blog succeed.
      Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Beginners Guide to Blogging: Web Promotion – Episode 4My Profile

  6. Time management, competitors, money and traffic is what I can see that needs to overcome.

    Bloggers are humans and I am very sure that there will be a time that they will feel lazy and not conscious of time. While competitors will be a guide or bases for you to do your best. Traffic is also important and we know that all writers are eager to have a really good topic.

    Nwosu, thanks for this. I find it very informative!

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    1. Thanks for your awesome contribution to the discussion time management is very essential if you are to succeed as a blogger. Often times most bloggers do not know how to handle blogging challenges and end up getting frustrated.
      Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Beginners guide to Blogging: Content Creation – Episode 2My Profile

  7. Hi Nwosu,
    I think Today your blog niche play an handy role in deciding your blogging future although all the factors which you have mention are also important but blog niche has more important because if your are going to make a blog on blogging then it is rare chances that you blog become successful and start getting handsome traffic because this niche niche is now saturated so you should choose your blog niche wisely.
    muhammadsaleem recently posted…Do Not Copy the Content Just the IdeasMy Profile

  8. My challenge here is coming up with great contents anytime. Just as one thought this or that particular post isn’t good enough but goes ahead and clicks the publish button, it ends up going viral.
    To me, I see low esteem as one of the challenges facing many bloggers.

    That was an interesting post bro.
    Emmanuel recently posted…How I fell in LOVE with Blogging.My Profile

  9. Nwosu,
    I really enjoyed the article and will check out more. Many of my own problems were included here. I had things to say and thought it would be easy with a nice, interactive community and people would slowly return. Well, my blog never gets comments, it’s like I’m writing for no one. Without that feedback, it is not easy to really know things are going. Traffic is slow, even after spending time and money to promote. Definitely not easy, just as you mention.

  10. I’m glad that the challenges cited in your article are the common ones, especially for the newbies. In my opinion, for a blogger to be successful, one should choose a niche that he is passionately into. When a person has passion in what he does, the problems the he might be facing will no longer be problems but rather challenges. His perspective is more positive if he has passion. Besides, it’s always better to do things that you love and enjoy while gaining success, right?

    Great practical tips, Nwosu!

    I found and “kingged” the post on Kingged.com.

  11. Hi Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond,
    Challenges of Blogging & How to overcome them you have given a good ideas about the detailed blogging and how we should Choose on a Niche is the major thing about it.
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Michael recently posted…Amazing Facts about the Human BodyMy Profile

  12. great post you have here, i wish i read this post before i started bloging maybe i could have become a BILLIONAIRE from my first blog, but ended up create a multiple niche blog which ended up crashing. Thanks for the post
    Oluwadamilare Bakare recently posted…How To Send Private Messages On Google Plus EasilyMy Profile

  13. Hi Nwosu,

    I think blogging is fun, and it should always remain like that….Challenges basically enhance the fun factor in it…I love challenges because without them even the success is not a proper success…..We won’t be able to learn anything without them….Overcoming the challenges make us expert in our field….
    Aditya Dey recently posted…Five Reasons Why People Still Love iPhonesMy Profile

  14. Honestly, sometimes I was wondering why it is so very easy to blog, but it is too difficult to generate traffic. What you have here is simply amazing and I am hooked reading your content up to the last paragraph and sentence. You did a great and you covered all important factors in just an understandable text. Keep it up! :)

  15. key to success of any blog is patience and continuously do your work.You have to maintain traffic on your site as well as you should write quality content on your site…
    keep sharing…:)
    vishu sachdeva recently posted…How to make Pendrive Bootable Manually :Using Command PromptMy Profile

  16. Seriously blogging needs patience, 90% bloggers fail just because they can’t keep patience but if you want to succeed in Blogging filed then hard work and patience are equally important.
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Panasonic P11, T11, T21 Full SpecificationsMy Profile

  17. Hi Desmond,

    What an outstanding post buddy. you really aligned them accordingly :)
    and i’m glad i overcame most of them. The commonest of all is traffic and content. Most people do get hit by writers block and don’t know the next journey to travel. Well you’ve said it all buddy. Keep up the good work.
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…How to Speed Up your Website Load TimeMy Profile

  18. Hi Nwosu,
    Time management is very important for bloggers not only for making money online. To reach viewers, getting more traffic for everything related to blogging and SEO the Time management is crucial one. This article is amazing. Thanks for sharing this useful article here :)

  19. Very nice blogging post from you Nwosu :)
    I agree with your views and thanks for sharing your experiences and everyday challenges with us.
    Yeah, blogging is not just a money making method. It need some unique qualities to get exposure, reputation, traffic and so on.
    As you told that the bloggers should choose their fascinating niche to update their blog regularly. Writing quality content would win the reader’s heart effortlessly. So am following my unique style in writing.
    SEO and time management skills help the bloggers to maintain good quality blog with huge audience.
    Nirmala recently posted…iPad features (iPad4 and iPad5 features included)My Profile

  20. I think choosing the right niche is the toughest job. One should chose right niche very carefully. After that traffic, most bloggers say good bye for ever when they fail in getting valuable traffic for their blog. these points have been discussed very well in detail. I have learned much from the post.

  21. Loved this post Nwosu,
    The anecdote about a new blog bing like a new wife is very apt dude! Time management is sooo important and the one thing I fail at! I suppose thats the main reason why all my other blogs failed!
    Saying that though I am getting better as i prefer to spend an hour every morning writing a post then and hour promoting it and then the next hour commenting on other posts like I am here!
    Thanks for sharing dude! and keep up the good blogging work
    - Phillip
    Phillip Dews recently posted…My Blog is a Choo Choo!My Profile

  22. Hi,

    Nice post focusing on the challenges of Blogging. Yes what you have mentioned above are the basic struggles which would have been faced by everyone who have started blogging. Overcoming this hurdle would have been different from everyone as some would have succeeded and some failed.

    On talking about me, yet Im in the first step and tying to overcome all my struggles to establish my blog and drive in traffic.
    Shathyan Raja recently posted…Free Ways to Build BacklinksMy Profile

  23. I agree with this point “Blogging is like a new wife…” . Is not just blogging, the whole online work requires time and sacrifices once awhile.

    Great share, hope you come back soon Desmond with updates. Kind regards.

  24. Definitely, i will always publish such article both here and on Netmediablog.

  25. At first when I read the title of this post that arrive at my inbox, I was eager to know what were the challenges and was even more curious to know the solutions to overcome it. As I began to read the article and went through the sub-headings, wallah, I knew all of them which I have been facing. The only thing is in order to succeed is to utilize the above tips practically to become a successful blogger.

    Indeed, the article is nicely written (in a simple way) and thanks for sharing it with us and reminding the points. By the way, I am also going to start a new blog that I managed to switch from blogspot to hosted one where I will be sharing SEO as well as blogging tips.

  26. Glad you found it informative, the challenges of blogging comes in different ways to different bloggers and the way we handle it is what makes the difference. Thanks for stopping by.
    Desmond Nwosu recently posted…Nokia joins the tablet race with Nokia Lumia 2520My Profile

  27. Hi ,
    Very helpful post to new blogger. As they really don’t don’t how to overcome these problem, and due to this they leave blogging.
    You article is too good you have listed some good challenges which i also have faced during blogging.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice article :D
    Aditya Singh recently posted…What Are The Challenges In Blogging?My Profile


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