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How Can I Download WordPress in My HostGator cPanel? It’s Not A Silly Question!


Question: how can i download wordpres on the cpanel in my hostgator?

Name Not Disclosed


Response: What? Download WordPress in HostGator cPanel?

Suresh Khanal

That was my first reaction when I got this question in Facebook chat. You know, you get all sort of queries in Facebook chat if you are available for them :)

The worst feeling is when somebody comes front with a huge wish (often demands) and vanishes immediately when the wish is fulfilled! Feels sad, but now I’ve learned this is how the online world goes :P

It might be a bit off topic but would like to quote BlogStar Kumar as I can feel him when he wrote this:

Dear Friends, I tell one thing, if you need help from any blogger.  First visit their website / blog. Read their articles, leave your comment and then follow up their profile and fan pages on Facebook and Google+ pages. Then ask your help through their fan pages or Google+ profile pages not through chat ok. If don't do the above things, then how can ask their help. Nobody will help you. Please try to understand. Suppose you've ego problem and thinking yourself a top blogger better than others, then don't ask questions to anybody learn it yourself like me. I learned everything myself. I never ask anybody to help in the past 5 years. I am commerce post-graduate I am doing everything on my own. Some minor modifications in blogger template only I asked help from Amit Dey and Kartik Shah but apart from them I never asked any help from anybody. Sometimes people criticizing me and my blog that time where you people went? you're not supporting me or my blog, infact some of you give "likes" for that embarrassing comments, then how can you expect help from me? so first learn your mistakes otherwise learn it yourself or there are "N" number of top bloggers 100 times better than me in blogosphere you can ask them help. Don't ask help from me. Thanks for your understanding.

Download WordPress in HostGator cPanel! Okay! I pondered upon for a few seconds and finally decided to grant the wish. The reason behind was, obviously it was by someone newbie who has recently purchased HostGator hosting account and did a failed rigorous search in cPanel to find that WordPress there. We all know, it’s not there at the front.

Wasn’t your response similar to mine when you read the title for the first time?

I guess he knew he can download WordPress from wordpress.org and then upload to his account through File Manager. But it is really a huge job and completely unnecessary for HostGator users.

It may appear too trivial, but let me inform:

HostGator cPanel has WordPress and you can install it in your account with a few clicks and within a few seconds. However you can’t find WordPress application on the front of HostGator cPanel.

HostGator offers two ways to install WordPress – (1) using the common and popular application Fantastico, (2) using HostGator’s native application QuickInstall.

Fantastico is a popular cPanel application that lets you install WordPress, Joomla, BBPress and a whole lot of other applications without needing you to download and upload the required web software to your HostGator account.

QuickInstall is HostGator’s in-house software that makes it even easier to install popular software as listed above. If you are installing WordPress, it not only installs for you, but also installs some necessary plugins such as JetPack and SuperCache.

I’ve already explained in detail how you can use these tools and install WordPress for your blog in my ‘How to Blog’ series of posts. Rather than repeating the process here, let me offer you the link!


Hope this helps you to understand how to install WordPress in HostGator cPanel.

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It’s your turn now, I know you have many things to speak out. Do you want to say something on BlogStar’s remark? How would you respond to the queries you encounter in Facebook chat? Do you like to answer all the questions you get in chat sessions? Would love to read your responses, please comment below!

Finally, Let me repeat it again, you don’t need to download WordPress in HostGator cPanel but install it directly from there!


by Suresh Khanal

Hi, it’s me behind this blog - Bivori.com. Interested to blogging, different monetization options, WordPress Themes, Plugins and various blogging tools. I love setting up new blogs, customize and optimizing them. Want me to write for you? Add in your Google+ circle and lets get connected.

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  1. Its a common question and one that every newbie may ask when starting out as a blogger or a Internet marketer. I guess the best advice would be to direct the interested party to read about the “installation” of WordPress in Hostgator and not download of this content management system.

    In kingged.com – the Internet marketing content syndication website, the above comment was shared even as this post was shared and kingged.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    1. Thank you Sunday for sharing the post in Kingged and leaving your valuable comment.

      It is total waste of time and completely unnecessary to download and upload again the CMS when you have HostGator cPanel. Thus I referred to the tutorial.

  2. when i started my first blog…i faced similar kind of problem…
    for a newbie it might be difficult to run from cpanel..
    because there is fear of doing anything wrong to site…
    thanks for sharing it…
    vishu sachdeva recently posted…Top 5 Online Backup Solutions:”To Safe your Data Online”My Profile

    1. Probably we all crossed via the same bridge but how easy is it to tag many things trivial.

      I was customizing a blog recently and you can’t guess how hard I fought to change blog logo. After breaking all hard rocks, I learned that it can be changed by just changing header image – Appearance » Header then upload your logo file!

      Genesis framework is sometimes so hard until you have some basic idea of how it works!

      Thanks for the visit and commenting here!

  3. Hi Suresh,
    I also have a doubt about this now i got cleared, Am not much familiar about HostGator’s thanks for this.http://bivori.com/install-wordpress-on-hostgator-cpanel/ is helpful to install and can you tell about XAMP server.
    Michael recently posted…TNPSC Group 2 Hall Ticket 2013My Profile

    1. Hi Michael,

      If you are interested to install WordPress in your local computer and do some experiments, refer you to Post #4 and #5 of ‘How to Blog Series’ The Post #4 talks about XAAMP, WAAMP and how you can prepare your PC to make it local server. Similarly post #5 will talk about installing WordPress in it. Please find the links to the posts below:
      Post #4: http://bivori.com/prepare-computer-install-wordpress/
      Post #5: http://bivori.com/install-wordpress/

  4. Hello,

    I’m really impressed with your way of helping newbie, “A new post on the topic which is just requested in a chat”. :D

    Secondly Blogstar kumar is absolutely right, newbies must check the blogs, social pages but not just send annoying silly questions.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Samir recently posted…Download Free Kansas Instructions to File For Divorce With Minor Children FormMy Profile

    1. I agree with you Samir! Our new friends are so impatient and hurried. You should reach out for help when you really don’t find way out. Making others work for you eventually will allowing others to make money :)

  5. I am the one that interest in blogging but don’t really know technical things. I believe this question is not a silly one. It’s actually clear the air on the issue. Many will find this useful somehow. Great post
    Okto recently posted…Top 5 Mistakes When Choosing Web HostingMy Profile

    1. Thank you Okto for the visit and your comment. Glad you found the post useful.

  6. Yeah, more people are asking questions and demand too much and then vanish if they are fulfilled. That is reality and we have gotten used to it. But not all are like that right? Some aren’t shy to show their gratitude and do something in return.

    Let’s just keep in mind that it is better to give than to receive. :)

    Anyway, nice post.

    Found this post shared on Kingged.com, the IM social bookmarking site.

    1. That’s very true Metz, every corner are not dark. Some have turned really good guys! :)

      I agree and believe that ‘What goes around comes around’ ! :)

  7. Hey Suresh,

    When I first read this, I lol-ed. Haha!

    It happens and my first experience with hosting is the same. Where on earth is the Wordpress button! Haha

    Good mate. You bring back old times and I really appreciate it!

    Thanks for sharing :)
    Reginald recently posted…WP Engine vs Synthesis Hosting – Best Managed WordPress HostingMy Profile

    1. Here on earth is the WordPress button! That’s a true feeling :)

      Thank you Reginald for the visit and I appreciate your comment.

  8. Hi Suresh,
    I don’t know why mention my name unnecessarily here.
    Post is superb. I also wrote a similar post in my blog. You read that post and leave your valuable comment there. If newbie gives some respect we’re ready to help them. But they’re behaving like masters. Their main tool is Alexa Ranking and Domain Authority if they succeed in that. Nobody goes near to them. They’re traveling in different zone. I don’t like this attitude by them.
    Have a Nice Day.
    Perambur Kumar recently posted…How to Install WordPressMy Profile

    1. Perambur, it is not unnecessarily. I often fall in similar situation and share same feeling.

      The post is indeed not a planned one. It went along with my stream of consciousness. On that point, I happened to remember you and your status. I spent at least 35-40 minutes digging deep down to snatch the status from your profile :D

  9. Something helpful at Bivori :) It’s really simple to download wordpress backup to cpanel or we can also try some plugins for backup. I use Wp backup to dropbox which is really awesome plugin to get the backup updates directly to dropbox.

    Now coming to the main topic, I think newbies must post their queries in facebook groups or comment section which will surely help them to get their doubts solved.

    Ashish recently posted…5 Tips to Choose Best Android TabletsMy Profile

  10. No one is born master, Suresh.
    I remember having hard time when first installing Wordpress via Cpanel on my first self hosted blog, switching from Blogger.com
    I have seen video tutorials, which helped me a lot.
    Now I can have a site up within 15 minutes, from the moment I buy it via GoDaddy (may be less!).

    Thanks for sharing!
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…8 Killer Fiverr Gigs to Take Your Blog to the Next Level! | FireProved MarketingMy Profile

  11. Often times people pop up on Facebook chats demanding for one thing or the other even when you may have made such resources available on your blog, they are probably folks who know you can help but are often too lazy to visit your blog or mischievous people who thinks visiting your site alone will in anyway improve your site.
    In such cases i will simply hit my sitemap and dig up the link and send to you, if you wanna read its all up to you.
    The truth is that as much as some questions are outrageous, we are here to help so in one way or the other we just have to find it within us to help people but its annoying when people who won’t even waste a moment looking for a solution on Google pops up to ask some useless question. Sometimes i totally ignore them.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Top 5 free Movie Library Software for WindowsMy Profile

  12. Hi Suresh,

    I can’t comment on installing wordpress on hostgator site as all my sites on bluehost.
    But I am somewhat agree with Blogstar. It might not the ego problem but in internet world, either be open with others, appreciate others and ask for help as a reward OR behave like Master and find own way without asking anybody. I think we can take only one stand out of them.
    It is ridiculous to behave like Master knowing everything and asking for help here & there.
    Nobody is born master but before asking for help building relationship is necessary.

  13. Respected Suresh Khanal Sir,
    This artical is so wondering, knowledgeable for a new blogger, and sir can you tell me any short tricks of SEO. Sir i would like to say you a wonderful thanks from my side for this article.
    Thank Uoy Sir

  14. Seems to me people are often in a hurry and are just pain selfish when it comes to asking for help!
    What I tend to do is if someone asked me for help then I will direct them to a specific blog post I have written on the very subject! Really quite simple!
    Also on cPanel there are usually lots of helpful videos that the new potential blogger can view!
    Anyway I am more technically minded and I never use these quick fixes in fact my blog is now running in Release Candidate 2 for WordPress 3.8 which I find is awesome!
    I would say though that if you get fed up of these demands then just turn the chat off as that’s what I do.
    Great share Suresh.
    - Phillip Dews
    Phillip Dews recently posted…My Blog Needs YOU! Build a Blog of MeansMy Profile


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