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How to Blog Series in Bivori.com

How to Blog is a series of posts in Bivori that contains information about how to create your own blog and make it successful. The posts are published every Wednesday.

Following are the posts in this series published till today.

10 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks – A Quick Overview

WordPress theme frameworks are not those that come with a lot of frills. They are rather the slates over which you can create your own WordPress themes, drawing on the basic foundation it sets up for you. Choosing the right framework for your site will help you seize the technology advantage and approach creating a… Continue Reading ...

Install WordPress Using HostGator cPanel » How to Blog Series: Post #13

This post demonstrates how you can install WordPress in your HostGator account by using cPanel applications such as Fantastico Deluxe or QuickInstall. In 'How to Blog' series, you've already learned to set up XAAMP web server on your local computer and install WordPress to host your WordPress blog locally. Please click on the relevant links if you missed that… Continue Reading ...