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Killer Tips For ‘How To Win Giveaways???’

Killer tips To Win Giveaways
Hello everybody, Charmin Patel  is here to giving the tips for “how to win Giveaways”.

I am starting with my example. I won several giveaways (not all of them though :P) ). I won 6 Giveaways during 25-Oct to 12 Nov. Before this, I attempted many giveaways but always failed. At last, I learned the secret to win giveaways and proud to share it with you all here.

Before 25 Oct???

Well, I wish I win some giveaways but did not know how to do it right. At that time I just entered in giveaways.

I did all the steps asked there to win giveaways.

And last I visit the site at the end of the giveaway hoping  to win but never came back with happy face :P .

Now What??? What helped me to win giveaways?

Here I disclose the secret. I share my experience as tips for you. Enjoy the goodies!

First, enter the giveaway widgets or any system. [Most people use PunchTab, Rafflecopter, Giveaway.ly, Promosimple,etc.]

I recommend to enter the giveaway login with facebook, whatever be the giveaway system.

Why facebook??? Just cool I’ll explain that…

My tips will work for any systems for giveaways like Punchtab, Rafflecopter, Giveaway.ly, Promosimple, etc.


Enter to Win Giveaways

Follow all the steps mentioned there.

You did the job of your part, din’t you? It’s same as you are always doing, isn’t it? But wait, your job does not end right here!

At the end of giveaway steps you are given your own referral link. This is where your real job starts.

What you have to do now is to get as many entries as you can do with this referral link.

Confused what the referral link is? Please check the image below:

How to Win Giveaways

How to Get Entries with Just 12-17 Characters referral link???

Pretty simple, share it on different Social Networking sites.

How will you can get entries with Facebook, G-talk & Yahoo messenger???

Share the referral link thrice in a day on Facebook. (for how many days?)

[I recommend 10 A.M., 4 P.M. & 9 P.M. For sharing the link on Facebook]

Every time slot is not equal, find the best time for Facebook. Select a time when your maximum friends are online.

Send that referral link to your friends in personal messages with short description.

Invite him/her to participate in giveaway.

Do not message many times because all you get is one entry from one friend. You get bonus entry when he/she visits that site from your referral link.

Do same For G-talks and yahoo messenger.

On facebook If you are in different group related blogging you can post in all of groups once.

[This increases the chances of winning :) ]

How to use twitter to win giveaways?

You can tweet up to 5 times a day and do not forget to mention the site which is hosting giveaway.

Example: – If www.giveawaydiectory.net is organizing the giveaway then you can tweet like this.

“@GDdotnet http://p.tab/hdsg4d I entered the giveaway for winning _________.”

It is more effective as it mentions the site so they will sense it that you really want to win this giveaway.

Note:- To get maximum bonus entries, you should have maximum active followers.

What you have to do perfectly???

Give your Correct Email ID, if you are entering giveaway with Email. Because giveaway sponsors can easily contact you when you are the winner of that giveaway.

Check your emails daily.  Oops! this little irritating??? That’s why I told you to login with Facebook. It is very natural that you are online in Facebook every day, isn’t it? You’ll be informed by sponsors easily in that case!

How to find giveaways opportunities?

Visit the Giveaway Directories everyday so that you can find many different types of giveaways. I recommend below directories.


Happy blogging and my best wishes to win giveaways!

by Charmin Patel

Charmin patel is the engineering student and part time blogger belongs to Gujarat,India.He is a mobilegeek person and misplaced to chemical engineering.He blogging at Giveawaydirectory.net & Essay World.

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  1. Hi Charmin
    I’ve opted in for some giveaways but as you said, i don’t always win. I entered for the giveaway on ViralWriter.com recently and surprisingly i was among the winners.
    I have no idea how but i knew i tweeted the referral link a couple of times.
    I will put this tips to practice in any giveaway i participate in again. :)
    ologundudu abraham recently posted…The World needs to stop being boring! A Pep Talk from Kid President to YouMy Profile

    1. Referral link is the greatest tool to win giveaways.
      I am also winner of viralwritter giveaway.
      Charmin Patel recently posted…3 Premium WordPress Themes Giveaway by Readythemes.com Giveaway-2My Profile

  2. Thanks for the tips, So The Refer Link is magical, Previously I was’t sharing a lot on my social media sites that’s why I did’t win. One thing I’ll add to join giveaway that we really need to win the prize. Because sharing lots of links might be selly. So I think We should join Max 1 Giveaway per week.
    Kamran recently posted…11 Best Website Speed Testing ToolsMy Profile

  3. Nice and informative Post Charmin
    Love to see at Suresh’s Blog.
    Keep posting new ideas here.
    It’s really boring to read old wine in a new bottle. But Suresh blog is totally different one. He learned a lot in recent times. Especially he knows what audience expecting from him and his blog. Hope others also follow his steps to success and make their blogs more interesting one. Google also love this one.
    Perambur Kumar recently posted…Creating a SEO strategy with Google Webmaster ToolsMy Profile

    1. Thank you Perambur, I really appreciate you say that. Running after keywords is one thing and listening to the need of users is quite another one. I hope Bivori will become more pleasant thing to wander around.
      Thanks once again.

  4. Hey Charmin,

    Really nice tips bro for winning the giveaway. I have already won many giveaways yet and continuously increasing this list by following these tricks. Thanks for sharing :-)
    Ganesh Narayan Gupta recently posted…Add Copy to and Move to with Right Click in WindowsMy Profile

    1. Thanks for compliments Ganesh Naranyan Gupta …
      Best of luck for future giveaways…
      Charmin Patel recently posted…SeoPressor WordPress Plugin Giveaway~Genius TricksMy Profile

  5. Nice tips Charmin,twitter gives a lot of referrals,and i have senn your name many times in Giveaways.Seems like you are a giveaway Junkie :) .But really nice tricks.
    Abhijit Mahida recently posted…Get Premium MyThemeShop Themes for freeMy Profile

    1. thanks abhijit for your valuable reply and yes,I’m Giveaway Junkie thanks for compliment.

      Twitter gives really so many referral.
      Charmin Patel recently posted…SeoPressor WordPress Plugin Giveaway~Genius TricksMy Profile

  6. Hi Charmin,

    To tell you the truth I’ve never entered any giveaways for the simple reason, because I didn’t think that I could win. However, after reading your tips, it definitely sounds like a great system.

    Who knows I may just have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing and glad to hear that you’re winning quite a bit.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Time Management Clock – Taking More BreaksMy Profile

    1. Now enter the giveaways which you can found from above directories and best of luck for future giveaways.
      Charmin Patel recently posted…GIVEAWAY! ALL GENESIS CHILD THEMES + GENESIS FRAMEWORK 2.0.1 TILL NOVEMBER 2013My Profile

  7. Hey Charmin,

    I also participate in many giveaways but i have won only 1. Some of my blogging friends share their giveaway referral links on social networks and some of them send me PM to join the giveaway and this is just because they want to win.

    I don’t focus much on giveaways as i don’t get much time but leaving links on social profiles can be helpful.

    I will try to implement your tips. Thanks for sharing buddy :)

    Siraj Wahid recently posted…Interview with Lisa Buben of Inspire To ThriveMy Profile

    1. leaving a link on social networking is too much helpful.
      Apply Above tips And best of luck for future giveaways.
      Charmin Patel recently posted…3 Free PixelKit Premium Membership Accounts GiveawayMy Profile

  8. Hey Charmin,
    6 winning is really great. Appreciated the effort. In fact, I’ve also won once where there were less no. of participants…
    And sure that next time winning would not be so easier as many people will be following your idea (LOL)
    Good luck :)
    Shahzad Saeed recently posted…#AskAdwords: Google Adwords Team Answers to My Question in a VideoMy Profile

  9. You have really spilled the milk on the secrets of winning a giveaway, most people do not bother to share their referral links after joining giveaways. This is a great resource, thanks for sharing these awesome tips.
    Desmond Nwosu recently posted…Giveaway: How To Snag 1 of 3 Free PixelKit Premium Membership AccountsMy Profile

    1. welcome buddy, :) . As I said referral link is the base of wining giveaways.
      Charmin Patel recently posted…3 Premium WordPress Themes Giveaway by Readythemes.com Giveaway-2My Profile

  10. Hello Charmin, Your are saying right. this small link will make you win a giveaway. I recently win a free blogegage account with this method @ viralwriter.

  11. Wonderful post, I never won a giveaway till now and the reason is i never shared my referral link. So the tips are really informative and wroth trying.

    Secondly the sites you’ve mentioned to find the giveaway is really nice, I’d surely visit the sites.

    Sameer recently posted…Top Ten Most Popular Female Singers in 2013My Profile

  12. Good detailed post Charmin,

    Winning Giveaway is indeed a cool thing, and the tips mentioned here are also very much relevant…Referral link plays a major role, and we should optimize it to increase our chance of winning…..
    Aditya Dey recently posted…Top 5 Best Voice Calling Android Tablets Under Rs. 15,000My Profile

  13. Hello Suresh,

    Again you came with new idea and i too found it very informative. The best thing what i liked is that now I can also go and win the Giveaways gift.

    Nikhil Agrawal recently posted…Motorola get enlisted in Smartphone list operating on Android 4.4 KitKat OSMy Profile

  14. Hi Charmin

    This is really informative and love your tips. I very much love your tip on how to use twitter for winning giveaways. 3 months back i have participated on a giveaways but Not win. I was thinking that how can i win a giveawasy. I wonderful to see your thoughts that was almost same to me. I wish to win giveaways.
    Thank you.
    Moryom begum recently posted…8 tips to maintain weakness for bloggerMy Profile

  15. Hi Charmin,
    I am always interested in giveaway event. But honestly never think there’s a tip to win it .. lol. I only think to follow the guide carefully. Thanks for this post
    Okto recently posted…Online Shopping SecurityMy Profile

  16. Thanks for reading post and I am sure that if you follow above tips you will definitely win giveaways.
    Charmin Patel recently posted…Google Nexus 7 Giveaway~ Tech Blog CloudMy Profile

  17. Nice post Bro,
    Previously I won Pixelkit premium account from frip.in
    Now Goal is Winning some Mobile or tablet from any giveaway. and here is alos an nexus giveaway so next target to win it. Thanks for your tips.
    Dk Patel recently posted…Why is the history of microscope interesting?My Profile

  18. never tried or participate before because i really have no idea how to enter in giveaway, glad to see this post, now i am very much clear how to enter and how i can increase my winning chances. entering in giveaway from ref link above. Thanks to Chairman
    Innocent Wish recently posted…How to Make Dynamic Image Header View in WordpressMy Profile

    1. welcome buddy …
      I hope you had understood the tips how to win giveaways? …
      Best of luck
      Charmin Patel recently posted…GIVEAWAY! ALL GENESIS CHILD THEMES + GENESIS FRAMEWORK 2.0.1 TILL NOVEMBER 2013My Profile

  19. Hello Brother,
    You have done excellent job. Think now why don’t have not read your post. Because recently I have participated in a giveway and lost it. You winning giveway tips make surely helped me.. But surely I can manage to win next giveways Thanks.
    Tharun recently posted…12 Tips To Get Traffic From United States ( US/USA )My Profile

  20. Hi Charmin, its a great post about how win giveaways. this is the really killer tips for win a giveaways. thanks, i should try this tips for nexus 7 tab giveaway.

  21. Hi Charmin,

    Quite a record here! I suspect being super active in the giveaway game helps you a ton, along with using the noted frequent tweeting strategy.


    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Social Media or Search Engine: Which Is the Best Source of Traffic for Blogging?My Profile

  22. I just won a giveaway hosted by Punchtab and it was a Blogengage account for one year. It’s looking like pretty cool.Then after i joined to another giveaway which offers $1500+ present. :D

    I have got almost 1 of every ten entries and i knew that i’m the leading person and hoped i will win. But unfortunately that site was down and Giveaway cancelled.

    Anyway i will try another one. Thanks for giveaway directory list Charmin patel.

  23. That’s really cool and also a easy way to win in give away, But what will happen if every one follow the above mentioned steps? Now its more complicated when everyone follows the above step.

  24. hi never seen or heard the points mentioned by you….just believed that i have tried many times to win giveaway but unfortunately could not,but i think your tricks especially referral link will work to win giveaway.
    Rafaqat recently posted…6 tips to increase Domain authorityMy Profile


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