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How I Choose Great Writers to Guest Post on My Blog

No need to explain why great writers and why guest posts on your blog. Because you are following this blog for some time, you are very well familiar with some great content delivered by my guest authors.

It introduced a new flavor, a new taste and a breeze of fresh air, didn’t it?

The information by diligent bloggers like Gilbert Samuel and Emmanuel Cudjoe definitely add more value to the wealth of this blog.

Are you looking for some great writers to guest post on your blog? Wondering what to look for and where to look on to find some worthy posts?

write a guest post

According to Pew Internet, approximately 10 percent of internet users contribute to a blog. With over 273 million internet users in North America alone, that equals a potential contributor pool 27.3 million writers deep. A pool that size can make finding the right contributing writer for your blog feel like searching for just the right drop of rain in the ocean. However, the infusion of expertise and new readers a guest blogger can bring to your blog is well worth it.

Five Tips to help you pick great writers to guest post

choose-great-writers-to-guest-postThe following five tips will not only help you choose a great contributing writer for your blog but will also allow you to take a well-deserved break from the posting grind.

Lets check them!

Your Target Audience and Guest Posting Guidelines

No matter whether you write the posts or your guest authors or some other contributors, it must be relevant to your niche on one hand, and on the other, interesting and useful for your readers. You can’t just accept any post and pin on your blog.

How about publishing a pay day loan tips in Bivori? Funny!

While basic guest post guidelines usually include word counts and topic suggestions, take it a step further with explicit direction on specific tone and style. Posting these guidelines on your blog will let potential guest writers know exactly what you’re looking for and will save you a lot of time spent on repeatedly explaining your needs to new writers, as Powered By Search explains.

Look out for link overload

It’s no more hidden. Bloggers and writers set out to guest blogging as a means of link building to their own blog or pages. Some are interested to build their brand and some others to improve authority.

There’s no harm in letting them your blog for quality and engaging content.

While guest writers are entitled to links back to their own websites, Google has very specific rules about link schemes including excessive link exchanges. A good rule of thumb is to allow one or two links in the author’s bio and as many links in the body of the post as you are comfortable with, as long as the post is not overly self-promotional.

Always distinguish between a blog post and a promotional copy!

Consider a writer’s track record

You should check if the author you picked is in deed a great writer. This can’t be judged by a single post submitted for review. However, there are a variety of ways to assess the quality of a potential writer’s content.

  • Ask for a sample of their previous work or check out their blog, if they have one.
  • Do a quick internet search of the writer’s name and make sure they aren’t associated with spammy content or are simply reusing the same content over and over.
  • Check their social network profiles such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter. It can reveal much information immediately that helps you to decide.
  • You can also embed an online job application as part of your screening process.

This can help give you a feel for the writer and evaluate whether or not their style is a good fit for your blog.

Have your great writers follow up

The best blogs build a thriving community and you know it very well how it impacts. A guest writer has the opportunity to help enhance that community by participating in it – not just by writing a post but by engaging those who comment.

Make sure your guest writer follows up by replying to any comments on their post. It doesn’t have to be long but it does have to be respectful. This will go a long way toward increasing social sharing and traffic.

Encourage a repeat performance

If you find a guest writer that you and your readers thoroughly enjoy, invite that writer back for additional posts. You may also want to consider guest posting on their blog. Now, it’s your turn, what else do you look in your guest writers? How do you pick the great writers to guest post on your blog?

by Suresh Khanal

Hi, it’s me behind this blog - Bivori.com. Interested to blogging, different monetization options, WordPress Themes, Plugins and various blogging tools. I love setting up new blogs, customize and optimizing them. Want me to write for you? Add in your Google+ circle and lets get connected.

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  1. Hi Suresh,
    The Five tips you mentioned here is simply true.The Guest post must be relevant to the blog and concentrating the Keyword Niche. As you said track record is so helpful to identify quality guest authors. Thanks for sharing these useful tips here :)

    1. That’s trule Oliver. If the author is stranger, you must really check the track record before you approve. You don’t like to get punished for the crime others have done, isn’t it?

  2. Hi Suresh!

    The list of things under “Consider a writer’s track record” are very interesting, revealing and helpful for me personally. These are valuable tips that every blog owner should jot down, this will serve as a guide for them to single out the most fitted writer for the job. To be frank, I never read any tips like these before, so thanks a lot! This one also made me rate myself. :D

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    1. Hi Metz,
      Thanks for your continual support and your sharing my posts in Kingged.com really helps to give it more exposure! My sincere appreciation!

  3. Hi Suresh,

    Well written. Indeed, having a good blogger for guest posting nowadays is tough. Honestly, I have sky high requirements and not many who can achieve that. I don’t want normal write ups. I want epic ones indeed.

    Thanks for sharing on the topic mate.
    Reginald recently posted…4 SEO Tips That Could Make Or Break Your SEO Campaigns In 2014My Profile

    1. I understand Reginald. Maintaining quality is first requirement to stay alive in this highly competitive blogosphere.

      In my case I don’t put forward a long list of requirements but rather grab and judge by myself. If the post is suitable to my readers, if it offers some value, I check the author’s track record, backlinks and then push it to the front.

      Thanks for your visit and commenting here.

  4. Hi Suresh,
    interesting post!
    Sometimes, choosing a guest poster is easy, if you know him already.
    If you don’t, then considering the points you mentioned is really important to not slip in low quality articles.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…5 Best Apps for Rooted Android PhonesMy Profile

    1. Hi Erik,
      What could be better to get posts from somebody in your own community. This automatically puts both parties in comfort.
      Thanks for the visit and your comment here.

  5. Hi Suresh,
    first of all, thanks for the shout out, really means a lot to me. upon the guidelines on my page, bloggers do send off niche topic as a guest post. It’s really hard to find those quality writers nowadays and the managed ones do find hard time in replying to comments, well, fingers crossed, i hope to see them soon.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week.
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…Writing an Atomic Bomb Out of your Blog PostMy Profile

    1. We’ll always see some off-guys no matter what message is written in notice board. There is another heard of people to spam everywhere. That makes it more important to check the track record if you don’t know the author personally.

      Thanks for your contribution to Bivori and your posts were really interesting and useful ones. Hope to see more in coming days.

  6. Hey Suresh,

    In order to find out great writers for my blog i prefer checking their blogs and social profiles in addition to it I Google their names to find where they have contributed in the past. Awesome write-up buddy. Thanks for sharing :)
    Siraj Wahid recently posted…Why and How to Expand Your Network for Effective Blogging?My Profile

    1. Hi Siraj,
      They are the best method to decide if the writer is worthy enough for your blog. Thanks for the visit and commenting here. Hope to see more of you here :)

  7. I couldn’t agree less, choosing guest writers could be task-ful sometimes especially in tracking their past publications. A successful guest blogging campaign can greatly improve any site and i have a strict guideline that must be met before i can consider publishing your guest post on my site.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…7 Reasons you are not getting enough Social Media TrafficMy Profile

    1. I agree with you Nwosu. We must maintain quality and stay in niche when we welcome guest authors. Appreciate your comment here.

  8. Hi Suresh,

    All great tips. I like the follow up piece; I always thank a guest blogger for their time and effort and immediately encourage bloggers to post again.

    What better way to program readers to respond, right?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Internet Lifestyle Training: Pictures of Muhamma IndiaMy Profile

    1. Hi Ryan,
      Some people fool guest blogging for link building. If there are posts where author never responds any comments, that evidently looks like promotional copy rather than blog post. Why else would anybody be not interested to communicate with his/her readers!
      Thanks a bunch for your comment here.

  9. almost everybody on blogs is discussing about guest posting. but dont know where to find or how to invite a guest writer to write for my blog? any suggestion please
    Innocent Wish recently posted…Unique World of Blogs on InternetMy Profile

    1. Hi Innocent

      Create a “write for us” page. I’ll suggest you write for someone first! There are blogging communities where you can exchange guest posts.

    2. Hi Innocent Wish,
      Very important question and many must be looking for the information on that topic. Wait for my post where I reveal how and from where I get posts to publish in my blog very soon.

    3. Innocent, Ologundudu has been able to tell you how to go about it…You have to create a page and promote that page. Let people know that you are now accepting guest post and like Ologundudu said again, you have to write for some one first. You can write for him or even Bivori and perhaps for me. Read my guidelines.

      And please do wait for Suresh’s next post he should be showing to us some secrets. :)

      Enjoy yourself.

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…7 Easy Steps to Break or Make a HabitMy Profile

  10. Hello boss of life! It’s literally good to be here again. :)

    You have shared a great post boss and I so much agree with your views. You know why? Because they were seasoned with great points that would make a blogger truly a success.

    I also second Erik’s view and it’s the fact, when you already know the blogger there should be no hassle but if you don’t the you’d be good following the BOSS’s views!

    Thanks for sharing this great post!

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…Interview with Susan Neal – A Literary Giant!My Profile

    1. Hi Sam,
      A huge thanks for the visit and your commenting here.
      That’s very true that you are more comfortable if you get posts from somebody you already know in blogosphere! Why will I bother anything if I get a guest post by Matt Cuts? Hahaa…
      Thanks once again.

      1. Hahaha…………….lolzz. :) You need not bother and of course I won’t bother if you would one day write for Pro Motivator, that is my blog. :D

        Thanks for the quick response boss. I do appreciate!


        1. Definitely! I’ll shoot you a message whenever I’ve something interesting to share with your readers soon!

  11. Hi Mr. Suresh

    This is indeed a honest post.

    You can also embed an online job application as part of your screening process.”
    This got my attention. It makes the blog look very formal. It will help to drive away spammers.
    I think the idea is to be as strict as possible.
    Thanks for this post.

    1. Glad you liked the post.
      Thank you ologundudu for stopping by and the comment.

  12. This was a great a masterpiece from the big boss himself, Mr. Khanal.
    Thanks a lot for the mention. Irrespective of how you classify me, Bivori.com is one blog I hold allegiance to and I try to produce my best anytime I intend writing.

    I don’t often go in for guest posts when there are a lot of rules to follow and the reason I guess many great bloggers are found here has to deal with the fact that everything here is easy and straightforward.
    Emmanuel recently posted…What makes you look Stupid as a Blogger?My Profile

    1. Thank you Emmanuel for such sweet feedback. I guess you’ve already broken all the rules :)

      Expecting more from you very soon ;)

  13. the tips you have shared above are very much useful and also helps us to choose expert writers for our blog…
    thanks for sharing such an useful information….
    vishu sachdeva recently posted…Top 5 Online Backup Solutions:”To Safe your Data Online”My Profile

    1. Thank you Vishnu for your comment. Glad you liked the post.

  14. Hi Suresh
    Great suggestion which i have suffered a lot with guest writers as once you have helped me to figure out one post after that i just follow the tracks which you have mentioned really useful ones bro

    1. Glad to see you find these tips useful. We need content, more often and fresh content, but there is a need to pay attention to the quality to maintain.

      Thanks for the visit and commenting here.

  15. thanks for sharing these rules about guest posting suresh. these rules will serve as a guide for me when choosing guest bloggers as well as articles that must be in my blog. worth sharing especially for those bloggers who wants to accept guest post

    keep posting and regards
    marilyn cada recently posted…Top Commentator for October 2013My Profile

  16. Hi Suresh,

    I hope your article would be a great eye opener for bloggers who engages with guest authors frequently. I have seen many guest writers who are spinning the articles on regular basis and spamming on many sites. Undoubtedly this is an unethical practice. Yes bloggers need to check their reputation and their previous work. Moreover it would be better if bloggers allow only 1 link in their article and one in the author bio. There would be no problem if the guest author has a good reputation with amazing writing skills. Even Google appreciates it. Thanks for this insightful article.
    Suresh recently posted…How to make money with CPA marketingMy Profile

  17. Experties always provide best content in their articles and it is very important to choose experts writers and your tips are gonna help. Thanks for sharing these tips. These are going to help much.

  18. hello Suresh ,
    Great Article bro. I like target to audience topic because now a day audience is main point to break a traffic. I Love your Written Type what you write.This Article so much helpful for me When Going to Written a Guest Post..
    chaudhari anil recently posted…Windows 8 CharmsMy Profile

  19. Hi Suresh, Great post!!
    I just wanted to ask you one question.
    Since I am not too much of an expert and am still learning from the mistakes I make, I would want to know- wont giving links to my Guest writers in the Article body mean the “Link Juice” flowing out of my blog?
    All of us work so hard to ‘earn’ our links.
    And though I do a lot of Guest posts and commenting, I still feel I am not rich enough to pass on the ‘nectar’.
    I allow my Guests 1 dofollow link in the Author Bio BUT only a nofollow link in the Article itself, due to which I don’t see many people taking keen interest in posting on my blog inspite of them really liking the way it is going and the traffic that i am getting in the various niches I do have up there.
    I am sure I could get a lot many people to write for me if I allow them a dofollow link in the Article itself as well, but I am extremely reluctant to do so.
    Please suggest me how to go about it.

  20. Suresh,
    Nice post buddy especially considering the fact that hunting down good writers is a hard job.
    Mostly good writers approach only higher authority blogs so building authority before accepting guest posts is a good idea. And I am doing that now.
    Glad that bivori is getting quality guest posters.

  21. Hello,

    Picking up the great guest writer is also an important factor which will ensure to get more traffic and commentators too. The guide is really awesome. I will follow your tips for choosing a guest author for my blog.

    Great Writers are really important which ensure more new targeted traffic,


  22. Hey Suresh.
    I’ve just finish reading your post. Thanks for sharing. Really this will help alot of people.
    Hey, just wanna gives you a big thanks for sharing just a helpful tips. I love it.

    Have a great day!

  23. I have asked this question to many people and have yet to receive a good response:

    I accept guest posts on my blog and the big problem I have is when I publish their articles and then they disappear into the night and never return to answer comments no matter how many times I ask them to.

    Do I remove their post? I’m reluctant to do this because a lot of the posts are good quality.

    How would you handle this?
    Dean Saliba recently posted…October 2013 Blog Income ReportMy Profile

    1. Just remove their links and they’ll run to you. It’s very easy. That’s what I always do here. If the guest author has not respect to my readers, they don’t deserve the back links, isn’t it?

      The best guest post can be from the bloggers (because we have many marketers as well) if you want to get rid of this problem. It is because bloggers are more interested to build relationship and increase their reach than mere links.

      Thank you Dean for the visit and your comment here.
      Suresh Khanal recently posted…10 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks – A Quick OverviewMy Profile


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