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How to Promote Your Book With Facebook

promote book using facebookWhen you have a book the main goal is to get as many readers as possible and get some valuable feedback from them to help you guide your future writing.  Facebook is the best platform for getting information about your book out there and you have the potential to target people all throughout the world.  There are a few things to keep in mind when promoting a book on Facebook so that you can ensure that all of your efforts only benefit you and your book sales.

How to Promote Your Book With Facebook

Quality Over Quantity

You will be posting about your book, but it is important to not post too often or else this can be seen as spam by many people.  You want to make sure that your posts are relevant and fun and you want the likes that you get to be quality likes. This will give your post a greater chance of being shared and being seen by more and more people.  So, if a post only has a small amount of likes, do not automatically look at this feeling defeated because if those likes are quality, your post likely reached far more people than you realize.

Start a Posting and Promotion Schedule

If you post too frequently you will turn people away, but if you do not post often enough you risk many people missing your posts and not being exposed to your book.  You should try to post something that promotes your book two to three times a week and make sure that you are posting during peak Facebook hours so that you have the greatest potential of people seeing your post.  When you are not posting book promotions share other information, such as things about other books you have in the works, things about other up and coming authors and some news about what is happening in the publishing industry.  You can also use your Timeline cover to help promote your book or to further define your brand.

Join Writer’s Groups and Get to Know Other Writers

Writers are generally very friendly and helpful people and they have no problems helping other writers get their name out there.  In a nutshell, if you help them they will return the favor and this can expose your book to thousands of new people.  Join some groups and genuinely participate and do not just join groups to promote your book and get others to share it.  You want to join the conversations that interest you and offer detailed advice and encouragement when you are able to.

Encourage Fans to Interact

When you are posting things add some elements that encourage interaction.  Things like polls, questions, and asking for honest feedback and opinions will encourage your fans to speak up and start a conversation related to your post.  This will also help to encourage more shares so that you can expand your reach and be noticed by people who likely would have not found you otherwise.

I’m Hassan Khan, I love to write about social media especially tips and tricks about Facebook. I work full time at 123Covers, I write quality contents for their facebook website: http://123covers.net

by Bivori Contributor

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  1. Hi… Dear sir,
    Your ideas are really Good, and all are correct .
    Facebook is The best way to Promote any thing or Marketing. because this is the world’s largest Network in present time. there are many group related to buy sell or Marketing. and here seller can do directly contact with his costumer. Thanks dear Suresh To share these Awesome Ideas. Gr8 Post on Bivori Again (y) :)

    1. Thank you Siddharth for stopping by and your comment. Glad you like the tips by Hassan.

  2. Hi Hassan,
    You are smarter to think to promote books in facebook. Facebook is surely no doubt a good place for quick spreading all over the world. But the fact is, sharing is more then visiting. This may be applicable to publicity. Still you have given us good tips. Thanks for this post.
    Tharun recently posted…Redirect Broken Links (404) To New Url or Homepage In BloggerMy Profile

    1. Hi Tharun,
      You are true to say that. Facebook offers more sharing and likes compared to the clicks we get, still, huge publicity increases the chances for more conversion.

      Thank you for commenting here.

  3. I have written a book. But it’s only half completed. I hope that someday there is a post on Bivori which says how to complete your unfinished books! :P
    BTW nice post. If I do complete my book in the near future then this would be very helpful for me!
    Aditya Nath Jha recently posted…Top reasons why Aviate launcher is different and here to lastMy Profile

    1. Hi Aditya,

      A good topic you’ve suggested, expect it some day :D

      Great if you are writing a book. I hope you are already subscribed to Bivori and downloaded those 5 templates if you want to present it as eBook. The templates were really nice, looking professional and you could simply replace the text and images.

      At the same time, I’d like to remind you about MyEcoverMaker if you need cover page of your book. You can find the button on right sidebar for the link.

  4. Hey Hassan,

    I have not experienced promoting any eBook on Facebook but i do promote my blog content and it doesn’t matter what thing you are promoting if you promote it too often by posting less quality updates then people might get annoyed which may result in less reach. Promoting in groups is a nice idea but just leaving your links without any activity won’t help you. Thanks :)

    Siraj Wahid recently posted…Why and How to Expand Your Network for Effective Blogging?My Profile

    1. Hi Siraj,

      I agree with your completely. Simply leaving links won’t work anymore. You should choose groups where members are active and working for mutual benefits.

      Thanks for the visit and your comment here.

  5. No doubt facebook is a great source to promote anything and we can expect results in short time. I’ve seen lot of people promoting ebooks on facebook but never tried yet. The tips you’ve mentioned about promoting a book is really informative.

    Sohail recently posted…Top 5 RSS Feed Readers for AndroidMy Profile

    1. Thank you Sohail for the visit and your comment here. Welcome to Bivori and I hope you’ll be interested to subscribe. I offer exclusive content and information for subscribers.

  6. Hi Hassan
    This are nice ideas for promotion on Facebook.
    Groups have proved to be very effective especially when you interact with other members.
    It’s good to give teasers that will keep your potential readers on suspense. Post a catchy Paragraph.
    I read that images gets more reach on Facebook than text. So, posting interesting images; especially quotes can be very effective.
    Thanks for sharing
    ologundudu abraham recently posted…Compassion Bloggers: Donate to Philippines Children Hit by Typhoon HaiyanMy Profile

    1. Hi ologundudu,
      Thanks for the visit and commenting in Bivori. I truly appreciate!
      You’ve rightly pointed that images works better in social networks like Facebook. A great combination of teaser text and attractive image can really do some wonder!

  7. Facebook has the maximum number of users in social networks and it is very good and efficient too to promote your stuff . Thanks for sharing this valuable article. Keep Sharing.

    1. Thank you Pulkit for the comment. You got it right, we need to look for customers in prospective places. Good to learn some tips that works to convert.

  8. Hi Hassan,

    These are good tips. I’m in the process of writing some books, with a view to publication on Kindle eventually. Facebook is an excellent platform from which to promote a book, provided you go the right way about it. You’re right to advise people to get to know other writers and to help them out, too – if you just selfishly promote your own stuff, you’re not going to get anywhere. I think it can be a good idea to offer copies of your book away for free – for example, by enrolling in the Kindle Select program – in order to get some people to read it and provide reviews. You need good reviews in order to make sales.
    Susan Neal recently posted…A Blog Commenting Problem – Can You Help?My Profile

    1. That’s very true Susan. We often look at others to see how they find any product before we actually intend to buy it. A few good reviews can make a greater difference.

      Thanks for the comment and I truly appreciate this.

  9. Hi Suresh,
    I cant see the name of the writer who wrote this wonderful article for you, but whosoever did write it has covered some very genuine points and given REALLY useful suggestions.
    The timing couldnt have been better for me as well, because I was working on my first eBook with my own name (I have done ghostwriting for more than 30 of them earlier) over the last one month. And I am reading anything and everything about ebooks with a lot of interest.
    I also read one of your articles about creating an eBook cover yourself and found it extremely useful.
    Thanks, buddy!!

    1. Hi Ambika,

      The post is contributed by Hassan.

      Glad you found it useful and also the eCover maker. I created a few eCovers with that online tool for my eBooks for ICT Trends and PS Exam site.

  10. Hi Suresh, thanks for written such a great post, I think Facebook Contests are a great way to promote your book. Make sure to mention the contest on Facebook. well done.

    1. Hi Shiv,

      Thanks for the visit and comment. Facebook has really been a paradise for online promotions :)

  11. This post couldn’t have come on a better time as i am finishing a book i meant to promote on Facebook and sell online. you have shared quite an insightful post and i can say i am most beneficial in reading it. Will definitely take into consideration all the points you listed on this guide. thanks.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…New Facebook Messenger sends messages with phone numbersMy Profile

    1. Thank you Nwosu, glad you like the post. Also please check the myEcoverMaker if yo uneed to design cover images for your eBook.

  12. His sir,

    Nice article, Facebook is a great way to promote a Book, a Blog and many more things :)
    Thanks a lot for sharing this precious article, it’ll help me a lot.

    1. Thank you Yash for the comment. Appreciate your time.

  13. Thanks for the share Suresh,
    A year ago I published a premium ebook and promoted using Facebook group. It was a great method of promotion which I am still proud of :)
    Good luck!
    Shahzad Saeed recently posted…#AskAdwords: Google Adwords Team Answers to My Question in a VideoMy Profile

    1. That’s awesome! Thanks Shahzad for sharing your experience with us. It’s a testimonial :)

  14. Hi Suresh,
    No doubt Facebook is most powerful way to promote our business, Blog or Website. We can easily promote our business through little Hard Work.
    And the tips that you write here are so wonderful.
    Thanks dear for sharing such nice tips here.
    Muhammad Irfan recently posted…Sweet good morning messages for girlfriendMy Profile

    1. Thank you Muhammand, glad you liked the tips here.

  15. Hello Boss of life!

    Wow! This could not have come on a better time and this what I call “timeliness”. I so much enjoy reading and I’m glad I found this at a time where I’m planning to lunch my book.

    Thanks for the share sir! :)

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…Quick Tips of Online Contents That Go ViralMy Profile

    1. Awesome to hear that. I also suggest you to check myEcoverMaker, the online tool to design your cover page. I’ve created a few eCovers using that tool for free! :D

  16. Great Post Suresh,

    We know that facebook is a great tool to drive traffic. It is also a great tool for promote your products. many companies already are promoting their product on facebook. I love this post the way you represent of optimal use for promotions on facebook.
    Great Post Surech and Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Nikhil :)
    Nikhil recently posted…Top 3 Email Marketing Services For BloggersMy Profile

    1. Thank you Nikhil for the visit and your comment here. Expect you more often.


  17. Hi Bivori,
    Really encouraging post. It is great to know that facebook still has all the potential for online business. I’ve made it as one of my traffic source but not really use it to promote a book so far. Thanks for your post, it enlightening me.
    Okto recently posted…Monthly Report October 2013My Profile

  18. Hello,

    Valuable information. I was planning to promote a book using any social media platform but later i decided to go for facebook which is really a great platform for great results.

    Anirudh Karthik recently posted…Find MAC Address in Android/iPad/iPhone/Windows 7/8/XP/VistaMy Profile

  19. Promoting on facebook actually depends on the audience, you have a good audience? then definitely it’s going to work out.

    I do watch my schedule too, too much promotion will surely provoke the readers and they won’t hesitate to unfollow or remove you.

    You’re got a good point there, have a wonderful weekend
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…Writing an Atomic Bomb Out of your Blog PostMy Profile

  20. Hi Suresh,
    I am working on my first book to be published early next year and I agree with what you have shared here in your post. Some of the techniques you discussed are also used by some of the published book authors and the latest example is Michael Hyatt who uses his blog and Facebook for promoting not just books but any new product or service he launches. And I tell you, it works.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted…Leadership Lessons From The Life Of The Legendary Little MasterMy Profile

  21. No doubt ! Facebook is the best place to promote . But, it actually depends on what kind of audience you get. As you’ve said, promote at the right place at the right time. Schedule is a very important aspect to be taken care of.
    Thanks for sharing these tips :) Keep writing :D
    Sourav recently posted…DigiHawker Review : Become a Digital Marketer and Earn Money OnlineMy Profile

  22. These are all awesome suggestions but I would like to add that if you want to really promote your book you should also be on Goodreads. It’s similar to Facebook but focused on books and sharing them with other readers.


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