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Replace Download Button with Tweet And Get It !


Tweet And Get It! is a WordPress Plugin that can be effectively applied to get relevant twitter followers and I started to see it as a replacement of ‘Download’ button. Today we will be talking about this WordPress Twitter Plugin.

Well, in Bivori we are observing some awesome WordPress Plugins and blogging tools. If you missed my previous posts please check how useful is Insights for smart interlinking, reduce email noise with ReplyMe, show Ads where it matters most with Ad Injection and some security plugins to make your blog bullet proof!

Today, let’s see another wonderful twitter plugin – Tweet and Get It!

Are you offering eBooks, Reports, Plugins, Images or anything else to your readers? How do you put those links on your post? Most probably a ‘Download file’ or ‘Click Here to Download’ or ‘Get it Free’ or what?

What about expecting a tweet from your reader before he/she downloads the offer? Hmm… I won’t mind tweeting a message if I am getting something to download.

Adding on that, what about increasing your twitter follower? Yes…. I won’t mind to follow somebody whose file I’m downloading. Who knows, there might be more offers in future!

What is Tweet & Get?

Oh! I did a nose-dive before you get to know what this little piece of gem is?

Tweet & Get is a wonderful, light weight and simple WordPress plugin, developed by Viuu,  that grabs the download file and asks your reader to tweet a message (you specified) before offering the file to download.

As a blogger you can create different buttons for different files and get shortcode that you can insert into any of your posts.

As a reader you click on the Tweet & Get button, allow it to connect with your Twitter and click on OK button that sends a tweet through your account and makes you follow the blogger.

You can read the tutorial in detail here to learn how to use Tweet&Get as a blogger as well as a user.

Benefits for you using Tweet&Get

  • You got targetted twitter follower who is really interested to what you have to say.
  • Your message is tweeted to whole lot of new tweeples. It would be best opportunity to fire your promotional tweets, isn’t it?
  • Increased traffic to you blog post.

Where might be the downside?

Though the plugin is awesome and promises some lucrative benefits, there might be a few aspects that you’ll consider whether you should use it to replace Download button on your website. Some I’ve listed below and you can add more if I miss them.

  • Every website is not based on WordPress Platform but the plugin currently is only for WordPress. If you use any other platform, you’ll need to wait for some more time. Let’s hope they will come up with something that makes it possible to integrate the plugin with your website.
  • Every reader might not have twitter account. If this is the case, they first need to register with twitter and then allow the plugin to connect to that account, to be able to download. This appears to be asking too much.
  • It increases the number of clicks required for the readers. A direct link or image Download link could do the job in one click while it requires at least 3 clicks to download. It might be considered acceptable if compared to some download services that makes you wait for more than 60 seconds.

So, compare the black and white of the plugin and decide yourself. But it is highly recommended to install the plugin for your blog as who knows when you need to promote a particular product and it comes handy? It won’t force you to use it everywhere but use it where it dances most beautifull!

You can download this plugin by twitting through the following button!

[tweegi-button name="tweetNget"]

by Suresh Khanal

Hi, it’s me behind this blog - Bivori.com. Interested to blogging, different monetization options, WordPress Themes, Plugins and various blogging tools. I love setting up new blogs, customize and optimizing them. Want me to write for you? Add in your Google+ circle and lets get connected.

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  1. Suresh, I couldn’t resist – I just had to Tweet and Get it! Thanks for that one, it’s pretty cool.

    1. Its me great! Hahaaa… I don’t know how useful it would be to other but for ‘blog about blogging’, I hope it helps to boost. Every bloggers do have their twitter account and can download the offers.

      Thank you Ileane for stopping by.

  2. Are you using it here? I’d love to test it ;-)

    1. You can find a button at the bottom of this post Udegbunam. I’ll be using whenever I offer anything to download. You can test it by clicking that Tweet and Get It button and download this plugin. ;-)

      1. My bad man. When I commented previously I had images turned off and thus didn’t see the Tweet and Download this button. Loves it. Not bad at all ;-)

        1. Hahaa.. The scripts and images are must these days for lots of services ;-)

  3. I would use “Tweet and get it” if I had a website specifically addressed to internet marketers because there would be a great likelihood of them having a Twitter account and I wouldn’t risk bothering everyone with the account creation request. If Twitter is one of your main marketing techniques it’s a great addition to your website though.
    George recently posted…Lower Left Abdominal Pain – Causes and TreatmentMy Profile

  4. Hi Suresh,

    I think you have uninstall short code plugin so I am unable to see tweet to download button at the end of post. Can you update this post? So I can easily test and download plugin.


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