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Sapna And Her Blog H4Hitech : The Top Commenter, February 2013

Sapna is an emerging blogger from India who co-host the successful blog H4Hitech  (cartoonblogger.com) along with her husband and brother Anuj. Though the About page introduces three personalities, you can find Sapna filled in all over the H4Hitech – She writes, publishes posts, replies almost all of the comments and spread throughout the blogosphere!

I’m really glad to feature Sapna as the top commenter of February 2013. Here are the posts from February 2013.

The Top Commenter of February 2013
Sapna from H4Hitech

Top Commenters February 2013I saw her in Ileane’s blog for the first time and then noticed her almost everywhere. I truly appreciate her efforts and an extraordinary skill of building up relationship.

I’ve visited her blog quite often and wondered how she can relate simple stories in an awesomely interesting way. The Naive Blogger series and How Blogger Killed a Software Programmer – A True Story –  are my most favorite ones. Through the later post, she relates her own story.

I am much impressed with the light and funny way to satire on existing situation through a discourse between a minister and the naive blogger. Though it looks funny at first, but, as you go along the post as a blogger, it touches and you’ll end up with an exclamation – what a true story!

However, in this post, I’m not going to explain the positive aspects of her blog, but rather try to inspect and offer suggestions so that she can make it even better. My intention in NO WAY, is to find fault, but bring the matter into her notice, and let her know where she can make some changes to improve.

Needless to say I’m much impressed with the content and style of presentation as well as building up a huge community around her blog. She’s really towards a big success.

The Title

The blog is titled H4Hitech – Tutorials and Articles the comic way. It has a tagline ‘a knowledge sharing platform‘. Just with these information, you can easily guess what the blog is about and what to expect there. Perfect!

There is <title> tag present in source code and a unique title for every posts and pages. Perfect!

Website Logo

The website logo is perfectly sized and linked to home page. It has alt text ‘Tutorials & Articles the comic way | H4Hitech‘. Perfect!

However, the header area contains an Ad unit and it is not fitting within the available space, causing the header area expand below unnecessarily. This has degraded the appearance.

Meta Tags

Sapna has used Keyword meta tags but surprisingly no meta description. Highly suggested to apply meta description. Google no longer uses the keywords, however other search engines may use it. So its Okay to leave it off. But try to limit the number of keywords to include most important and useful keywords. Too many keywords in <meta name=”keyword” may not be very fruitful.

It appears that she is using All-In-One-SEO plugin. I better suggest her to use WP SEO by Yoast for better optimization. I used it for long and find pretty helpful. It will not only automate the common SEO tasks, but will also offer suggestions to improve SEO score while you are writing posts.

There is Facebook meta tag present in website and it is rendering the Facebook Share messages correctly. Perfect!

Internal Linking

H4Hitech has Category, Archieve, Popular and Recent Posts widget on sidebar and it creates some internal links. However, she is not using related posts. I’d suggest to implement related posts so that it creates relevant links better. You can find many plugins to automate it. I’ve heard good of YARPP (but please be aware that it may consume larger server resources).

Similarly, because she is presenting her posts as infography, it really does not have much text to link to other posts in blog.

Sapna is using the post title for the infography image name as well as ALT. It is fine, but I believe, she needs to work a little bit more for ALT text. It would be better to compose different and more keyword rich ALT tags.


H4Hitech has two links in top navigation as well as on main navigation. I wonder why she does not use categories in main navigation. This would make the blog look better and offer easy navigation.

Contact Page

Looked everywhere but the blog lacked a ‘Contact Us’ page. I tried to contact Sapna before writing this post but since there was no way out, I reached to Facebook fan page and sent a message.

I’d like to suggest her to create a page and offer some methods to contact her. She can list her Facebook, Twitter and other social network URLs as well as a form that would email the message typed to her email address.

There are numerous plugin to add contact page for a WordPress blog and I personally use FS Contact Form. It really has some awesome features and you can customize the form as you need. Please look at the Contact page of Bivori as an example.


Sapna is using Google Adsense to monetize her blog. She has placed a Leaderboard Ad unit in header area and one SkyScraper on sidebar.

I don’t know how these Ad Units are performing for her, but looking at the blog layout, I’d like to offer her a couple of suggestions:

1) Leaderboard unit should perform better if she placed it between the main navigation and posts where she is displaying ‘Breaking News’ right now. Breaking News can be placed above or below the Leaderboard Ad Unit.

2) A large rectangle (336 x 280) Ad unit inside her post area – either on top center or aligned right with text warping should perform better. This will improve the look of the blogs as well as Ads will be in better visible area.

3) She can place a link unit and Join Us buttons side by side on right sidebar.

Two Ad units and one link unit, I believe, is perfect combination to monetize blog with Adsense.

Search Feature

H4Hitech has a search box at the top right corner with nice effect when you click it. The search feature is working fine but still, I’d like to suggest to implement Google Custom Search. It has a couple of additional benefits compared to the WordPress Search feature.

1) You can monetize the search result page. Because the search result page displays Ads closely matching to the user’s search query, there are high chances that user will click on those Ads. It is beneficial in cases when a user is searching for something which does not exists in your site.

2) You can configure the search scope so that it will display results from your own blog and other specified ones whom you trust to present the best content.

Ileane Smith from BasicBlogTips has a nice video about creating Google Custom Search Engine:

Okay, that’s all for the review of Sapna’ s blog H4Hitech. I will come up with top commenter of March again. Cheers!

by Suresh Khanal

Hi, it’s me behind this blog - Bivori.com. Interested to blogging, different monetization options, WordPress Themes, Plugins and various blogging tools. I love setting up new blogs, customize and optimizing them. Want me to write for you? Add in your Google+ circle and lets get connected.

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  1. I have seen her name and blog in your posts comments , however her blog has some extra ordinary posts which are really great. Hope , she will success in this tough profession.
    Main Uddin recently posted…Must read 50+ great books for techno geeks and entrepreneursMy Profile

    1. Yes Main, She has posts different than all other blogs and they are entertaining. Wish her good luck!

  2. Hi Suresh!

    This is a really nice way to recognize the top blog commenter. Sapna is a very lovely person and I’m sure she appreciates your advice and well wishes.

    Thanks for embedding my YouTube video here. I hope your readers find it useful.

    Chat soon Suresh!
    Ileane recently posted…The Ultimate Guide to Do Follow or No Follow Links on Your BlogMy Profile

    1. Thank you Ileane for the visit and a huge thanks for the useful video. After watching it, I felt, it would be better if you demonstrate where and how to paste those codes in WordPress. Viewers will find it more helpful.

      1. Good point Suresh.

        Lisa Irby demonstrated how to paste the code in WordPress in her video – which is the original video I responded to.

        Also I have a different video that shows how to add the code for AdSense and it works exactly the same way. Let me know if you need a link to that video too.

        Ileane recently posted…Finding The Best Guest Bloggers for Your BlogMy Profile

        1. You are very welcome to post related links or embed videos and I believe that will be more useful to readers.
          Suresh Khanal recently posted…Sapna And Her Blog H4Hitech : The Top Commenter, February 2013My Profile

          1. Thanks Suresh.

            Here’s the video that shows how to insert AdSense code into a blog post. These are the same instructions you can use to put the search code on the search results page

            Ileane recently posted…How To Insert AdSense Units Inside A Blog PostMy Profile

  3. Ya you are right sapna is a top commenter. I have seen her comment on many sites. and her blog also informative and valuable :)

    1. Agreed with you Rahul. She’s really active and can find time to be everywhere :)
      Suresh Khanal recently posted…How a Blogger Can Earn Readers Trust and Increase Conversion RateMy Profile

  4. HI Suresh,

    Thank you so much for the mention on your blog. I’m really honoured for the mention and for such an elaborative discussion on my blog, never ever thought of this unique sort of mention.

    For the last 3 days I have been struggling with the internet speed so I appear to be totally out of touch with everyone around.

    Coming to your post this is the novel/unique way of offering the suggestions and I totally subscribe to your view points. There are many things which are I need to work on and they are on my To-DO List. Since you have gone through the blog now, I think you are the one whom I can contact you for the help now onwards.

    The list you have mentioned I’m going to copy and use it for future references and you will definitely see the improvement very soon.

    I just want to add one important thing how I came across to your blog: If you remember I had a set of questions for you when you had a post related to your blog being sold and since then I have been a regular visitor on your blog.

    My Best of wishes to you for your Blog and you really rock with your novel ideas.

    Thanks once again for all the support and the mention.

    Sapna recently posted…USA(Uncle Sam) Or UK(United Kingdom) Which Is Better?My Profile

    1. You are most welcome, Sapna. I will be happy to help you if you need it ever.

      Yes, I remember it very well. The chat was related to the following post, isn’t it?
      Suresh Khanal recently posted…My First Experience to Sell Website on FlippaMy Profile

  5. Good case study and nice suggestion for improvement
    Keep it bro :)

    1. Thank you Sahil for poping in. Sapna has entertaining content and a unique way of blogging. I believe, she can offer better impression by following these small suggestions.
      Suresh Khanal recently posted…Quit Blogging QuickMy Profile

  6. Hi Suresh,

    Great Work!!

    Nice to See you here Sapna Ma’am,Thanks for Sharing Suresh :)

    Mosam Gor recently posted…How to install WordPress on localhost using Wamp Server (Beginners Guide)My Profile

    1. Hi Mosam,
      Thank you very much. There’s lot to learn from Sapna’s blog, I believe.

  7. Excellent assessment and review of H4hitech which I have visited on occasion and keep track of as they do have some good articles. Though Wordpress SEO by Yoast is better, I didn’t see any traffic increase in % when I switched from AIO SEO to Wordpress SEO by Yoast about 4 months ago, ran AIO SEO for 3+ years without issues. I use Wordpress SEO by Yoast now primarily because it can handle the sitemap (no separate plugin) and the page checking, helps keep my writers and myself making sure SEO on articles is always optimized.

    I agree about a contact page it is necessary, for free plugins anything works well but my fav is Formidable Pro if you want to have multiple forms with power on your blog. Few free plugins allow direct integrations with your mailing list providers and Paypal…etc for example. With polls and keep all your entries tallied in database which you can download anytime to excel.

    For AdSense, I recommend QuickAdSense or EasyAdSense to put banners in posts or sidebar widgets myself vs custom coding the theme, but you have to do that for header leaderboards which are outside post or widget area unless the theme has integrated support.

    1. Hi Justin,

      Thanks for the visit and your wonderful suggestions.

      AIO is probably the SEO plugin used in vast majority of blogs – almost the defacto standard one :) I really wonder why they have not updated it to include recent SEO changes.

      WP SEO is really awesome for anybody not with firm footing. It has a checklist and offers suggestions. (Apart from some extra-intelligent features such as injecting Facebook meta, Google+ codes – it really troubled me to resolve double title in G+ Share snippet)

      Whatever the plugin, at the end of day, it is your (1) keyword research, (2) keyword density and (3) proper placement of keywords with (4) welcoming post description responsible to drive in more traffic. Change of plugin alone won’t do the magic. I hope you agree!

      I’ll study about Formidable Pro, when you are recommending, it must be a worthy piece. Currently I’m using FS Contact Form.

      For Adsense QuickAdSense or EasyAdSense are good ones, however, I always prefer Ad Injection. It lets you to insert Ad Codes you get from Adsense page and has many options to control the look and placement of Ads automatically.

      Thank you Justin for your useful comment. Truly appreciate that.
      Suresh Khanal recently posted…Important Features to Look for Before Buying Web Hosts « How to Blog Series: Post #10My Profile

      1. In normal cases changing the plugin alone shouldn’t do anything, but I tested Greg’s High Performance SEO plugin for 3 months and saw a 60% traffic drop 30 days after replacing AIO SEO with it, I thought it was a bad fluke, but I put AIO SEO back and all the traffic came back about 14 days later. Replacing AIO SEO with WP SEO by Yoast didn’t cause any traffic loss or gain noticeable over 60 days time.

        QuickAdSense and EasyAdSense you have to copy the ad code from Google AdSense page, they aren’t ones you add the publisher ID and channel like some of the other ones, you can also put any code you want so even though Quick AdSense has AdSense in the name you can fill the boxes with any ad actually, and set specific ones you can call for specific posts too.

        1. Hahaa… That must be the Greg’s plugin did not take care of even basic SEO automation. Thank you Justin. This is really helpful to learn more.
          Suresh Khanal recently posted…Sapna And Her Blog H4Hitech : The Top Commenter, February 2013My Profile

  8. Congratulations! to the Sapna for being the top commentator of one of my favorite blog bivori.com

    Suresh you did really nice review of Sapna’s blog H4Hitech with valuable suggestions. Hope you’ll do same for me for my blog.

    Ganesh Maharjan recently posted…MCQ of Operating Systems – Set 7My Profile

    1. I was almost prepared to review MCQQuestions, however, at the end of Month it was Sapna to be the top commenter. I’d be really happy to offer my reviews to your blog soon!

      Thank you for continual comments :)
      Suresh Khanal recently posted…Sapna And Her Blog H4Hitech : The Top Commenter, February 2013My Profile

      1. Ah..! that was my bad luck…! :(
        I will be more than happy to get your review with valuable suggestions on my blog…! I believe your suggestion is always beneficial for me.
        Ganesh Maharjan recently posted…MCQ of Database Management System (DBMS) – Set 1My Profile

  9. hi suresh.. what a great way to recognize top commentators :) i never realized that top commentators plugin is not enough to appreciate their visits.. it gives me a great idea.. do you mind if i imitate your style?
    marilyn cada recently posted…15 Types of Spam CommentsMy Profile

    1. Thanks Marilyn. You are most welcome to award your top commenters – always!

      Thank you for the visit :)
      Suresh Khanal recently posted…Sapna And Her Blog H4Hitech : The Top Commenter, February 2013My Profile

  10. I am really impressed, This is a great way to feature top commenters and encourage genuine dialogues between bloggers and audience. You have valued suggestions in your article. Glad found your blog.
    Susan Wowe recently posted…Instagram | How to Make Money and Save Money With InstagramMy Profile

    1. Hi Susan, really glad to find you here in my blog. Welcome to Bivori.
      Suresh Khanal recently posted…Sapna And Her Blog H4Hitech : The Top Commenter, February 2013My Profile

  11. Hi Suresh,

    First, congrats to Sepna on winning this position. It surely gives her more exposure. I have known her for quite some time now and love her comments

    Yesterday I submitted a quest post to one of my favorite blogs. In this post, I wrote on how to turn your blog into a discussion board and one of the points I raised was on how to reward top commentators of the month. This will keep readers scrambling to be top commentator thereby keeping your blog active and attracting SEO benefits.

    Today, I’m amazed to see you already doing this. It’s a wonderful idea and I’m sure this will increase repeat visits to your blog

    Enstine Muki recently posted…How To Make Money Blogging With RankSiderMy Profile

    1. Hi Enstine,

      Thank you for the visit and your comment here.

      If it is the interaction between blogger and the blog readers, I found two effective methods to increase interaction.

      When I owned seommotips.com I was running ‘Friday Gems’ series. It was a roundup post every Friday where I discuss about the best posts I read throughout the week. This had two-folded benefits – (1) Fellow bloggers check my blog on Friday to check if their post is mentioned as ‘Friday Gem’ that week and (2) my regular readers would check if they’ve missed any good post I read.

      Currently, because I am engaged with many things and did not really find much time for all this, however, I thought it would beneficial to look on the blog of top commenter and offer a few suggestions. This way, on one hand, it will be a nice recognition of top blogger and on the other the post will be helpful to know about and fix if anything good can be done.

      I dream of starting Friday Gems again here in Bivori.
      Suresh Khanal recently posted…WordPress Vs. Blogger – A Never Ending Debate And Matt Cutts Makes You More Confused!My Profile

  12. Sapna is amazing and is everywhere! Many times she is the first or second to leave a comment on my latest posts.
    I love her funny infographics – she can really tell a story via them.
    This is a nice feature you have to promote a top commentor of the month, really like the idea of that.
    Lisa recently posted…Blogging On The Go With Fantastic Apps And ToolsMy Profile

    1. Welcome Lisa to my blog and my sincere thanks to leave a comment here!
      Suresh Khanal recently posted…Should You Accept Guest Posts in Your Blog? Why and why not?My Profile

  13. You have given some good suggestions on how Sapna can further improve her blog. I especially like your suggestions about how Sapna can better monetize her blog. The suggestions to improve her contact page also seem pretty reasonable. Let’s see if Sapna puts your suggestion into practice.


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